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Folk / Indie / Alternative

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Minneapolis, MN


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  • PREMIERE: Stream Austin Plaine's Debut Self-Titled Album

    Pulling from influences like Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, and Ryan Adams, Austin Plaine produces chilling, heartfelt acoustic folk. The Minneapolis native uses music as a personal outlet, and it shows in not only the lyrics but also the instrumentation of his self-titled debut album. Read More »


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Debut album stream on Purevolume!

You can now stream my debut album in its entirety right here on Purevolume! Please help spread the word! more
about Mar 19 via PureVolume

Free EP on Noisetrade.com

My new EP, The Hell If I Go Home, is now available for free via Noisetrade.com! Pick up a copy here: http://www.noisetrade.com/austinplainemusic/the-hell-if-i-go-home…

about Mar 06 via PureVolume
I think another tattoo is in order
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Rice sandwiches are bland. #ineedgroceries
about Oct 09 via Twitter
Believe me, if all those endearing young charms
about Oct 08 via Twitter
The first thing you see is the last thing you should
about Oct 08 via Twitter
Where you finish isn't where you start
about Oct 07 via Twitter
I just want to shoot clay pigeons all day long
about Oct 05 via Twitter
Time trials at the airport with @ajhurd111
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Picking up friends at the airport with @ajhurd111
about Oct 04 via Twitter

Comments (26)

  • Tina Mass said:
    Amazing Apr 21
  • Tina Mass said:
    Love this Music Apr 19
  • Tina Mass said:
    Just Great Apr 19
  • Tina Mass said:
    Cool Music Apr 18
  • Tina Mass said:
    I like it Apr 18
  • Tina Mass said:
    Big Fan Here Apr 14
  • Lisa Plein said:
    Big Fan Here Feb 28
  • Olivia said:
    This is exactly my cup of tea. What a relief after listening to band after autotuned band this evening. Thanks for messaging me--I'm definitely a fan. =) Feb 22
  • Femy_051D said:
    nice ;) Nov 22
  • 神のザイア said:
    this is my kind of sound too.. I like the way it hits me.. Nov 07
  • Carlson said:
    This is my kind of sound....your voice and songwriting style reminds me of Tom Petty in a way. Really good job - you have a new fan! (www.purevolume.com/jerrycarlson) Aug 12
  • Migs said:
    Really cool voice :D Aug 11
  • Paper Biba said:
    Fell in love with the first note of My Own Head. Jul 07
  • Jaklyn Rawks said:
    Damn, your voice is simply amazing. Absolutely love your music :D Jun 21
  • Pockets said:
    Austin, your voice is beautiful. Your music gave me chills, and that's hard to do. Keep it up, please. Don't ever give up! You have been blessed such a wonderful talent. Apr 24

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