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  • AWOLNATION Release "Kill Your Heroes" Video

    AWOLNATION take the Mr. Rogers legacy to a whole new level in their new video for "Kill Your Heroes." And while frontman Aaron Bruno has the cardigan and loafer look down to a science, him and his "neighbors" might not be the kind of people parents would want their kids taking life lessons from... Read More »

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    AWOLNATION's monster of a song, "Sail," has gone platinum, and the band is in full-force celeberation mode. Right now, you can download the chart-topper itself from both Red Bull Records and their Facebook... Read More »

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    AWOLNATION have taken a serious cue from the wonders of claymation with their new video for "Not Your Fault." Watch as clay-made versions of the band tackle creatures of myth and folklore … Read More »

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    AWOLNATION weren't messing around when, at this year's ACL Music Festival, frontman Aaron Bruno took to the crowd with an actual surfboard... Read More »

  • AWOLNATION Premieres "Kill Your Heroes" Live Video

    AWOLNATION, recorded in studio form, just sounds like an aggressive party ready to happen. That's the type of quality that makes a live performance the perfect fit for the … Read More »


"Not Your Fault"

"Kill Your Heroes" (Live)

Like Peter Finch's newsman Howard Beale in the movie Network, AWOL is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. Broke and with his world crumbling around him, he launched a NATION.

And indeed, what can a poor boy do...except make some of his toughest, hardest, most passionate music ever, slamming it with the most up-to-date hip-hop and electronic dance beats in a genre-blending mash-up that defines AWOLNATION. It's not just music, but a crusade designed to fight all that's fake, commercialized, compromised and debased in popular culture.

"I think very much like a kid in terms of fantasy and magic," says AWOL. "I get rhythms, beats, colors and patterns from the transcendence of the ocean. I'm influenced by both its beauty and its absolute terror."

Some say AWOL is the name he'd rap under while battling his friends free-style, a reference to the way he'd slip out of parties without saying goodbye ("I never liked the pressure of explaining why I'm leaving") while Oakland Raiders fans contend that NATION comes from a devotion to the era of Bo Jackson and Howie Long. No one really knows the origin, but together they form a commitment to getting rid of life's wreckage and building a trend based on honesty, commitment and, well, aggressive passion.

"It's not a political statement," insists AWOL. "My definition is to escape a situation you can't handle. A way for all of us to get our aggression out, cry a little bit, or even laugh."

Megalithic Symphony is on sale now >>

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Meet Mike Savage our tour manager. #SavageGarden #AWOL2012 http://t.co/bhDrPcnU
about Oct 05 via Twitter
AN's @iheartrhino and @bbgunmusic post show fun in Portland. Night two tonight! #awolnation http://t.co/w0pBe5uj
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Eating baby dragons, imagine that. ...or eating breakfast with @Imaginedragons in Portland. #Family #AWOL2012
about Oct 04 via Twitter
Portland!! We love you more than you know. Photo courtesy @bbgunmusic http://t.co/tDCtgAHw
about Oct 04 via Twitter
We can hear you up there Portland! Enjoy @Imaginedragons and then ready yourselves for #AWOL2012
about Oct 03 via Twitter
Everyone must download the @bearhandsband new EP...which is free btw. Amazing band. http://t.co/zD56AbkP
about Oct 03 via Twitter
We have the best bus driver ever. This was on his hotel door this morning. #AWOL2012 http://t.co/drmiMEdJ
about Oct 03 via Twitter
From our very first show in Denver. http://t.co/PGtTKPLm
about Oct 02 via Twitter
Day off yesterday with @patrick_ptp @kennycarkeet @haydencscott and @vincentcasamatta .. And @gopro #AWOL201 http://t.co/T9tuhAQS
about Oct 01 via Twitter
Big thanks to @iwantproof sunglasses for the new shades! Check them out! #AWOL2012
about Oct 01 via Twitter

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  • Rachelallan said:
    Awesome music!! Aug 12
  • davidmaylo said:
    Fabulous May 13
  • RogerNavi said:
    Like it Mar 22
  • Lindsay yo.c: said:
    Awolnation is amazzzziiiinnnnng. Dec 18
  • Susan said:
    Kill your Heroes awesome song! May 22
  • Calm Anarchy Promotions said:
    Would you guys be interested in doing a Live Interview for Calm Anarchy Promotions Online Radio Station www.calmanarchypromotions.com/online-radio.html Apr 26
  • K. \/ said:
    love the music Mar 28
  • Kyle101 said:
    check out my solo project, I just released an EP Download the whole thing for free! www.purevolume.com/thisstate/albums/Beginnings Also check out www.youtube.com/thisstate for live acoustic performances! Jan 24
  • Erickson said:
    your song sail gets me soo pumped! AAGHHHGGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 09
  • LastAutumn! said:
    Check out http://www.purevolume.com/new/LastAutumn for some new Acoustic pop! Free downloads, and please become a fan :D I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :D Aug 08
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    ok there, so how are you doing? i will love to invite you on this site.. www.afrolovebeatz.com search for me they and you will see me, upload your pictures and music video also introduce your friends to tha world of music... Aug 08
  • Alex Johnson said:
    Whadup listeners. PLease come and check out this band "Sherwood" via Purevolume. Aug 07
  • Becky Batman said:
    Dude, this stuff is amazing. Aug 06

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