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7 Minutes in Heaven

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Pop Punk / Alternative / Pop

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Chicago, IL





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  • aryn, said:
    :p I love your cover of the Maine! It is basically the mac to the song's cheese... Dec 09
  • ForeverSeeingStars17 said:
    You are an amazing artist. I would love to see you live one day. Nov 03
  • KaseyKourageous said:
    You're so hot...................can we hold hands? Mar 06
  • Unicorn said:
    This grandmother loves your music. Keep it up. I look forward to enjoying your music for a long time. Jan 15
  • Nicole said:
    Yussssssssss! Jan 04
  • ashlin :) said:
    you sound like Christofer Drew and Justin Beiber.... kinda cute voice xD Dec 21
  • xxscenegirl15 said:
    omg your hair ia sexxyyaaayyyy:)......ummm but anyway bahhh bii;) Dec 21
  • Krista Kauses-Intoxication said:
    beautiful voice C: Dec 19
  • Katybear said:
    Timmy!!! you are soooooooo good(: I'm jealous(: haha id rather listen to your mistletoe than Justin Biebers!! anytime(: Dec 18
  • crackercollins said:
    Timmy you're music gets better and better ! Keep up the great work ! Dec 16
  • Nicole said:
    Timmyyyyyyyyyy!!! Yess(: Dec 16
  • Cheyenne said:
    i like your remix of mistletoe much better than the origional Dec 15
  • whereisrob13 said:
    JB aint got nothing on you bro:)) Dec 12
  • takethechance12 said:
    i love your JB cover :) Dec 11
  • beau said:
    sounds amaing man. i enjoi listenin to all ur music! (: Dec 09

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