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NeverShoutNever! - On the Brightside [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Added Jan 04, 2010


NeverShoutNever! - On the Brightside [OFFICIAL VIDEO] official video for "On the Brightside" from The Summer EP


Comments (13)

  • louie rose reformado said:
    inspirational song...love it! :) Apr 15
  • TammyTotEmoNerd said:
    i was feeln completly poopy becuz i had one of those dayz wher u just hate everythin around u nd u feel like meltin into a big blob of grey n the ground 2 escape...so anywaze i came acros this song and just burrrst into tears. i dont evn kno why i startd cryin. true story. Dec 14
  • Ree V. Rox said:
    I luv everythin' bout this... Apr 11
  • RawrZombies! said:
    Sir you make me so happy! :D Mar 16
  • TashaGoesRawr said:
    thats so sweets :] Mar 12
  • Jen said:
    how cute is this? of course anything that christofer drew has to do with is adorable :) Mar 10
  • Olivia.(: said:
    i love nevershoutnever but that was just plain wierd Mar 07
  • Dellis Soares said:
    Ahh, *---* video and very perfect. love you very much. :] Feb 27
  • Makyia said:
    I love the little guys teeth, when they're like little round blobs. It made me smile. Feb 04
  • bridgetamberhryc** said:
    awhhh(L) like that was the sweetest thing like ever:) !!! iluu;) love love love.... cute animations!!xoxox Jan 26
  • Amber said:
    ha, it's adorable. Jan 21
  • Feffi(: said:
    n'awww Jan 20
  • dani. (: said:
    veeery cute(: Jan 16