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Added Jun 28, 2009

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Nevershoutnever performing "Trouble" at The PureVolume.com House in Austin, TX.


Comments (48)

  • maybe its mavaline! said:
    when he said dammmmmnnnn, i think i lost it...chrisgasm all the wayyy May 27
  • Ronnie♥ said:
    Chris...u r freakin SEXY!! ^_^♫☼♥ Nov 11
  • X_x ZoMbiE RaVeR x_X said:
    hehe i luv this song is my bf's and mine song lol yu rock christofer drew Jun 03
  • nelly said:
    awesome song!!! :P Jun 01
  • smarty_pants said:
    you're so cute =) Apr 04
  • kaeluhh♫ said:
    i love Christofer Drew Mar 17
  • Chloe Sanders said:
    ha ha awesome and adorable Mar 17
  • Madison said:
    haha i love it.(: Feb 23
  • Nikita:] said:
    Authentic vocals, C. Drew:] Feb 17
  • NeheM!@H said:
    I respect Chris Drew for writing good songs and catchy uke parts but i really don't think he can sing that good. Its not the fact his voice is so high, its just its really pitchy is all. :) Feb 02
  • shannon. said:
    i like how he says hope at 01:12 :D hehe, Jan 05
  • my yellow jaket said:
    i love this song but u did a lot of playing around on this one ..... but it made it better Dec 05
  • subho bhattacharyya said:
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  • Bilinda Marie said:
    haha i love when he says you guys are super cool! ahha. Oct 06
  • Doug said:
    haha is he sober? Sep 28