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  • Nicholas said:
    Im your biggest fan u r so awsome man!!! i love your music Dec 03
  • layne said:
    noo wrong all the people who say this is a good song to sing to a girl you have no ears..its a hate song listen to the lyrics..your ganna waist your time with a girl? Aug 19
  • Girl Like That said:
    im srry..... i love u :] Jul 15
  • nelly said:
    :) adorable!!! Jun 01
  • Rawr! said:
    :] May 01
  • Chloe Sanders said:
    ima real big fan of YOURS christofer drew!!! Apr 09
  • Ilanaaa! said:
    If only there were more guys out there like you. I think I would die. You're simply brilliant.♥ Jan 10
  • xx.MusicJunkie.xx said:
    okay so why can't i find a guy like him?? lol Jan 01
  • .MaganMoore. said:
    You leave me breathless, speachless, shaking, blushing, vulnerable, in love, excited, hopeful, full of peace, and you make me believe that I can achieve anything I desire;; Just by listening to your music. --- and thats JUST the top ten... ;D Nov 13
  • Kiana. said:
    if everr in my life, i met a guy who could sing like you, as well as loook like you,...i may die! :) BREATHTAKING. Nov 01
  • zach said:
    good song to play for a girl. Oct 11
  • nicole said:
    i can watch this video over and over. i love him :) Oct 03
  • xHOPEinsufferingx said:
    orgasimmm :] Sep 23
  • ayeelove99 said:
    Sep 06
  • Rawr! said:
    OMG i love your music!!! ur tha best:)) Sep 04
  • jack said:
    hes simply amazing i love this guy's music Jul 24
  • hah.aubrie. =] said:
    hehasverylongeyelashes Jul 22
  • Hyppie77 said:
    your shows are simply amazing Jul 10
  • kotii said:
    its probably bad to say this. but my life is based off of this kid. hes amazing. Jul 02
  • gnattipoo said:
    he so perfect in every way. id definitely sell my soul to have him :] Jul 02