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NeverShoutNever! Live - "heregoesnothin"


Added Jun 19, 2008



Comments (44)

  • Barbie™ said:
    i love him he makes the best music i have heard and its the easyest to get suck in your head :) Dec 20
  • nicole said:
    aww this is so old. i love it :D Oct 03
  • Sam. said:
    Whoa, this video was added last year in june :0 Jul 17
  • JESSI said:
    this is my all time favorite song! love ya always ♥ ☼ ♫ jessi d...... Jun 27
  • sammma. said:
    i love yoou :] Jun 27
  • Kayleigh B. said:
    Your so good =D Jun 27
  • Tashiiee said:
    come to australia babe! xo Jun 20
  • KathyCountem123 said:
    woah, the screaming girls are so damn loud lol Jun 17
  • camila said:
    u should come to L.A in late august Jun 05
  • Jackie said:
    Mansfield,Texas lol u should so come here u'd be wicked:) May 31
  • Bean.bean said:
    You absolutly HAVE to come to Ottawa, On, CANADA!!! Seriously... You're the best! ♥ May 25
  • Emily said:
    totally amazing May 10
  • Lysia said:
    I watched 10seconds of this + I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore, even though I want to hear how he sounds live. But there's no point because I can't hear him in the first place. All the screaming.. ugh, it baffles me. I don't pay to watch a live performance so I can scream at them. I must be insane. May 08
  • JayCee said:
    you NEED to come to salt lake city, ut!!!!!!!!!!! pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( i REALLY wanna see you!! your so amazing! May 01
  • bone. said:
    i loveeeee yooouuuuu :D! Apr 21