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Released Apr 12, 2011

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Comments (16)

  • NeonBicycle said:
    love the song "trouble" Aug 31
  • Lexy Lust said:
    He is soo hot!.....Love Christopher! Jul 19
  • mairaelizabet said:
    these are old >. Jun 12
  • oreo said:
    I'm already wanting to be August 31 just to see them. Thx May 09
  • xXJayLoveBlahXx said:
    the best band:D YAAAA!!! May 03
  • allison said:
    why are these old songs and not new ones?? Apr 30
  • shelb0t said:
    yummmmy Apr 26
  • melllll ! said:
    that amazing Apr 25
  • Sean Grogan said:
    first dude to comment. Christofer is just a fantastic singer, not much more to say... Apr 25
  • Sierra said:
    i love you christofer (: Apr 22
  • Savannah said:
    If he would sing me to sleep every night, I honestly think I would be the happiest girl in the world. Apr 21
  • Morgan said:
    Ack why you no put on iTunes? Apr 19
  • Sierra said:
    I tried to find it on Itunes & it's NOT ON THERE ),: Apr 18
  • Taylor Dombroskiā˜® said:
    i really wanna buy this Apr 18
  • Lee said:
    love all his old stuff Apr 17

Events (7)

Jul 30

Bonner Springs, KS

7:00pm at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater
Aug 01

Salt Lake City, UT

7:00pm at Utah State Fairpark
Aug 02

Denver, CO

7:00pm at Pepsi Center Parking Lot
Aug 04

Claremont, CA  New 

12:30pm at Rhino Records
Aug 05

San Diego, CA

12:00pm at Qualcomm Stadium Parking Lot