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Released Jun 23, 2009

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Comments (48)

  • haley said:
    excuse me christopher will you marry me please i love you so much Jun 08
  • Heidi said:
    i made an account here 2 add a comment sooo nxt im deleting dis thing o_o nd CHRIZ DREW ILY :DD Feb 20
  • Angiex5 said:
    EP stands for Extended Play Sep 18
  • Rockoh333 said:
    i never found out what EP means. =/ Sep 03
  • . said:
    In the time it takes to make a thought I got your back and if you think that you would get the point I'd know where your at and If you would do the same for me I would not forget everything it takes to make a choice and leave it at that. Jul 31
  • Julian Comeau said:
    Aw where's On The Brightside? Jun 17
  • Unicornloa :3 said:
    This is my favorite one :') Jun 02
  • Hannah. said:
    My friend and I did a keyboard cover of Losing It, if that is alright with youu.(: Jun 02
  • MoPiou said:
    see you in Paris May 27
  • JtmP said:
    dude u have to come to chiang-mai, Thailand. Jam sometime. and play a concert of course. (chiangmai is very safe btw...) May 21
  • @l!Ce !n WoNerLAnd said:
    ilove nevershoutnever..my favorite song is losing it Apr 18
  • Al Kirk said:
    i love you!!!! Apr 12
  • Voila!vania. said:
    omg:) i crying (LITERALLY!!!)right now listening to losing it and i can DEFIITLY relate to it. xcept im a chick, of course. Dec 26
  • Jadeamore said:
    Hummingbird & Losing it are my favorite nevershoutnever songs :] Nov 14
  • Lori-Anne said:
    you're so amazing Nov 11