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Genres: Metal / Rock / Alternative

Location: Dallas, TX

Stats: 96 fans / 4,065 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Shawn, Bryce, Bric, Nate, Nick, and Joseph

"This record is for the masses. You have your anthem songs, the mosh pit songs, songs you can sit back and relax to, ones you listen to in order to help you through a break up, and your adrenalin-pumping fight songs."
~ Shawn Hamm of Neverset

NEVERSET has come a long way since first hitting the scene in Dallas, TX back in 2003. After releasing a few small demos throughout 2003-04, Neverset really hit the scene hard with their final EP "FOR THE PAIN," which was released in December, '04. Having formed a strong fan base locally with the clubs owners, concert goers, local music industry, and an ever-growing fan base, they ended up being nominated for BEST NEW BAND in 2004 for local radio station The Buzz.

After the break up of his original band, Shawn Hamm (lead vocalist) went on a mission to find a band that he would be happy with. Hamm searched the local area for musicians that he knew had talent and knew he could work with. He found members in exciting bands, word of mouth, friends, and in the local Guitar Center. The band has gone through many line-up changes since the beginning. Hamm, having rounded out the band, the final Neverset line-up includes two guitar players: Bric and Nick, A drummer they found at the Guitar Center: Nate, bass player: Joseph, and an additional vocalist Bryce, formerly of another local band called Craive. Most of the members currently live together in a two bedroom house in Dallas, which helps them constantly develope their music.

In September of 2005, Having secured a deal with newly established management company LOCK-OUT ENTERTAINMENT*, they immediately went into the studio to record their first-ever full length album, "BEHIND EVERY DOOR" with producer Eddie Head.

"We are at the point in our careers that tons of people have heard our sound and our songs, and now they want more. They want to know the dynamics that NEVERSET has to offer. The range of our sound and what else we can do," states Hamm.

"We feel our band has a very signature sound. When you hear the music, or the voices you can always tell it is NEVERSET. It is all music that seems so familiar to everyone but we add a twist that makes us stand out," Hamm continues.

"BEHIND EVERY DOOR" features twelve new exciting, hard-hitting tracks including 'Breathe,' 'Don't Wanna Know You,' and 'My Scars.' NEVERSET'S debut release is available now and will be released internationally shortly.

With "BEHIND EVERY DOOR" now available for the fans, the band plan to tour nationally well into the New Year. "It will be different because this will be the first time we head out on a national tour. I think the fans will love and embrace us. We love to interact and get down and dirty with fans during the show. That's one of the best parts. There is no better feeling in the world than looking into a fan's eyes and seeing how far they have lost themselves during our performance," Hamm concludes.

*LOCK-OUT ENTERTAINMENT is founded by Jason Sakowski who has worked with the likes of Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Motley Crue and Hoobastank in his 10 year music industry career. Also professional NHL nine-year player, Brad Lukowich, who has a keen interest in the music industry as well as knowing good musical talent.



  • Lindsay said:
    dude i love your songs! Jan 25
  • Scott Martin said:
    I would love to see more songs on here.... Oct 15
  • brittaany DECIMATION!! said:
    i saw u guys at croc rock in allentown. i absolutly love ur band!!! Apr 23
  • xLipsOfDeceit said:
    Hey...i love you guys. as a matter of fact i have your lyrics on my hand. :D Sep 19
  • kitpatra said:
    You guys need to add Headache, I love that song! You guys are great live! Jun 12
  • XbeautifulXgoodbyeX said:
    Um Guys.. Its Destanie from Lubbock.. Ok so I think that yall should put up more songs on here... that would be awsome.. anyways.. see you guys posibly July 1st.. if i dont go to florida i will be there! . d e s . May 24

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