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Nevermind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols


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Sex Pistols Re-record 'Anarchy in the UK' and 'Pretty Vacant' For Guitar Hero III

The Re-recorded Versions Can Be Heard And Bought Here:



Anarchy In The UK, God Save The Queen & Pretty Vacant 7" out now!



Enter To Win Tickets To The Sex Pistols (Not So) Secret Show At The Roxy, Hollywood, On October 25th!!!


New Sex Pistols UK Dates

25.10.07 LA, The Roxy, US

8.11.07 London, Brixton Academy, UK
9.11.07 London, Brixton Academy, UK
10.11.07 London, Brixton Academy, UK
12.11.07 London, Brixton Academy, UK
14.11.07 London, Brixton Academy, UK
17.11.07 Manchester, M.E.N Arena, UK
18.11.07 Glasgow, SECC, Scotland, UK


The Sex Pistols first four classic 7" singles the only singles that really matter will be released one a week throughout October; followed by the legendary Never Mind The Bollocks... Here's The Sex Pistols LP.

'Anarchy in the UK', 'God Save The Queen', 'Pretty Vacant' & 'Holidays In The Sun' will be issued in heavy-weight paper sleeves featuring all the original iconic artwork.

Never Mind The Bollocks' will complete the series; issued just as it was originally released on October 28th 1977 with the one-sided 'Submission' 7" single and 'NMTB' poster.

Anarchy in the UK / I Wanna Be Me - October 1st
God Save The Queen / Did You No Wrong - October 8th
Pretty Vacant / No Fun - October 15th
Holidays In The Sun / Satellite - October 22nd
Never Mind The Bollocks - October 29th


  • Bailey said:
    bought a god save the queen ipod cover 2day Jan 07
  • MusicMonk said:
    Amazing band ! Aug 20
  • densukrensekali said:
    sid is my brother:D Aug 20
  • jazmin said:
    sid vicious is hot =p Apr 01
  • Steven said:
    Thats !@#$ed! Mar 03
  • Valérie said:
    I'll bet 95% of the fans here only know Sid Vicious and have not heard one song by the Sex Pistols. Mar 01
  • james burns said:
    cool Jan 19
  • james burns said:
    ausome Jan 19
  • Beano said:
    sid isnt a poseur, he was one of rocks legends accept it or die, it doesnt matter to me Jan 09
  • +Chase+ said:
    ha its funny as hell 2 c ppl get on here and fight over the sex pistols and sid. who cares they're still gods of punk wether sid was "hot" or a so-called "posuer" doesnt matter. Oct 24
  • alyssajett  said:
    i love you SID! ill be your NANCY. :) sid is HOT. Sep 04
  • Uka, said:
    i loveee Sid V Aug 14
  • MindlessMind said:
    Eh. All of my friends think he is. He isn't that good looking, in my opinion. And 1 word? More like 24. (Yeah I counted) But that's beside the point. Everybody leave comments about The Sex Pistols. It's not like they had great spelling either. Apr 14
  • Madeline Rayne said:
    Naw!! its just a habbit!! :) But SID is sexy u cant deny that much!! but this betch i talking a whole mess of shit! Apparently i need a tutor cause misspelt a word!! if shez such a spelling freak why doesnt she enter a fucking spelling bee? Apr 14
  • MindlessMind said:
    Umm, people, Sid Vicious was a fucking poseur. Glen Matlock was the real bassist. @XRaynneX are you a straight edge or what? you seem to use a lot of fxcking x's. Apr 13


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