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Never Dies the Dream


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Post Hardcore

Location: Muskogee/Tulsa, OK, OK

Stats: 3 fans / 244 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Quinton(guitar), David(drums), ?(screams)?, Dustin(bass)

Hello everybody! How ya liking the cold weather??

We just posted these songs. They were recorded from a video camera, so they're not really good quality, but you can hear everything well enough to enjoy it. If you want the cd they came from ask us. They're only $2! It was 7 songs on it. The money will go to our EP and merch. So please help us out.

In other news.
We have a guy we are fixing to try out for a vocalist, pray that he will work out. We are going to try to do a good bye show for our good friend Keith. He filled in for us the last show we played. His vocals will be on the live recordings.

In other news.
Be praying for The Sweet Surrender. They are going to, Cleveland, TN to Record With Tyler Orr on Dec 15. This is a big thing for them so keep them in your prayers.

I'll be posting the songs as soon as I get the cd.

Happy holidays!


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  • said:
    you guys are friggin\' awesome!!I wish I could see you , but i live in boring lawton,oklahoma!!! Apr 30

Live At the House Of Impact

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