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Nessim B.


Genres: World / Other / Alternative

Location: La Rochelle, France

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While Nessim B. has been a singer/songwriter for more than 20 years, much of his work was written as incidental music for plays, or to accompany performance pieces, as well as background music for documentaries. Thus, his work doesn't have a straight and single direction, his music reflects the various influences that came along his way; from classical to pop music, through jazz, folk and world. And so, it is practically impossible to categorise his work in a single musical genre.

Nessim B. is a musician of the moment, and it is when he is at the heart of the moment that he gives his best, in improvisation. His baritone voice can adapt itself naturally to the different ambiances of his music. From one track to the next, he can move from a lyrical, atmospheric and ethereal voice to a rocky, sensual and greasy tone whithout appearing forced.

Another of his particularities lies in the fact that he has no preferred language for his singing. Some of his tracks are sung in Persian, others in Sanskrit, in old Spanish, in Hebrew, in Arabic, in French, in English and even in invented languages. As far as Nessim B. is concerned, it's first of all the music that touches our souls, his words just add another flavour to the whole, transcending the language barrier to convey an emotion that can be then universally shared.




Nov 30, 2007


Nov 30, 2007

La Mentale

Nov 30, 2006

Acte II

Nov 30, 2005

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