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Genres: Rock / Industrial

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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New Album "Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance and Delusion" Out Now!

* "Strange Town" Music Video!
New Horse music video to the tune of "Strange Town" at Relevant Magazine.

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HAUNTED HORSE: SONGS OF LOVE, DEFIANCE AND DELUSION! OUT NOW! It is on iTunes and Amazon MP3. You can also take a test ride of the new horsey now at AOL Music.

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With our debut album hitting stores on May 8th this is the perfect time for you to hear a new song from the album. Listen to the brand new song "I Know... I Just Don't Care" in our Purevolume Player now!!

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* Watch the teaser trailer

From the wreckage of roughly 20 nameless and faceless Los Angeles bands, Neon Horse arose as a collective of session musicians, home studio producers, waiters, postal workers, and bartenders who found a commonality among themselves as background players in the big picture of the L.A. rock scene. Literally hundreds of shows at clubs like The Troubadour, Spaceland (Silverlake, CA), The Viper Room, The El Rey, The Knitting Factory, etc. in various forgettable bands (or even more forgettable sessions) makes for a tough and realistic view of a working musicians life, and the eventual members of the Horse were all looking for something new. After passing each other at dozens of shows sometimes only to lend a hand with a busted chord or broken string, sometimes to keep an eye on the gear in the parking lot and sharing countless tables for after hours war stories, the rather clichd inevitable occurred and Neon Horse was formed.

Initially, the members played as a group only in their spare time, and didnt really start writing music until they met a man named Norman. In December of 2005, after an incredibly predictable event at the (now defunct) nightclub Teddys inside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the fledgling band first met their unpredictable singer at the time, he was standing in the hallway, with a four-foot length of chain in his hand. After some uncomfortable conversation, the band realized Norman was just locking up and the police were not called. A brief and uninteresting chain of events led to an invitation to rehearsal. After two songs the lineup was settled and Neon Horse was formed.

Citing influences broad in range from the Rock of AC/DC, Oingo Boingo, and even the Stooges to the Sass of Depeche Mode, Bauhaus, and Sisters of Mercy the band set out to make music they could play with a straight face, and that would allow Norman to exhibit his wide range and personality. Eclectic and manic, Neon Horse is a band of Rock and Roll roots in the purest form: An ever changing, mercurial, addictive and at times, slightly bizarre continuation of Rocks re-inventive nature. Choosing to use the anonymity that had been their most recognizable common experience, the band elected to maintain a simple understanding: Beyond the logical necessity of establishing Norman as the face of the group, they simply prefer to be known as: Neon Horse.


  • Anamika said:
    I love music and English song is my life, so thanks for share this post. Sexy Escorts Mar 07
  • GuitarGirl said:
    Hello, I was wondering if you could check out my cover songs here. purevolume.com/KayleeDuncan please fan me and tell me what you think. It would mean so much to me! Thanks! -Kaylee Dec 15
  • Mark Edward said:
    Norman. Make a new album. Nov 09
  • idprluis7 said:
    Check out "In Dependence" from Puerto Rico to you http://www.purevolume.com/idpr http://www.myspace.com/idpr http://www.facebook.com/idpridpr May 25
  • Katee.Jenkins said:
    SUPER lik! i love your music guys! May 12
  • Nico said:
    don't think i've heard anything like this before good job Apr 12
  • My Hidden Secrets said:
    You guys are so dramatic....I LOVE IT! Feb 07
  • Clarisa, whatta bomber said:
    UH OH! Clarisa has a new found musical obsession. Jan 05
  • Blake said:
    u are gods... Nov 26
  • Ok I am Scott said:
    Hey my name's Scott and my band just released our new song "Return to Madness". We'd appreciate it if you would check it out, and leave feedback. www.purevolume.com/themonarchyfalls. Thanks! Aug 29
  • SpeshalBudey said:
    I Aug 18
  • Max WC said:
    Whatever you guys have going on is frickin' sweet. Aug 05
  • FISHER said:
    sadly, i love this band. and i really don't like saying that. your music scares me. Jul 28
  • .MelleAri. said:
    Omg vocals are pretty much super bad ass. I need this shit. Keep rockin. Jul 27
  • You Are Luv'd said:
    The new song Strange Town is so awesome! Great sound. Jul 21

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