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Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Kissimmee, FL

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"Every end has a beginning and every beginning is a journey. (N)ception was a concept created in the late winter of 2010 with Alexander "Snowflake" Sipp taking on the role of lead vocalist, Arcadio "Chamo" Boratzuk taking on the guitars and backing vocals, Jonathan "Fish" Hammond rocking the rhythm on the drums and Nicholas "Nikk-uh" Brown playing the low end as well as contributing backing vocals.

(N)ception embarked on their first show in March of 2012 and quickly began moving all around the state of Florida. Opening for national acts including Sevendust, Nonpoint, Spineshank, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, 12 Stones, Eye Empire and many more...

(N)ception works off one motto "One band, one wall of sound" creating systematic chaos on stage with a chemistry and understanding to push each other to the next level. "We motivate each other" says bassist Nikk-uh. It is through this and connecting with people that we are able to make an impact. We bring a little something different to the table which has helped us build a strong local fan base.

(N)ception plans to release their debut album " Letters of (N)tent " in early 2014. The bands first single off the album " Song 5:7 " is currently being played on many internet radio stations reaching fans all over the globe. (N)ception recently signed with SBE Music Group LLC and will be continuing to play shows in support of the new album. "I am excited to release this album, I feel that it is really going to help define the (N)ception name and really bring back the genre of music that we play to the people" says Chamo, the bands guitarist.

The band has taken on a large magnitude of shows playing prestige venues all across the state of Florida including Club Firestone in Orlando, The Roc Bar in Jacksonville and Destination Daytona at the Coca Cola Pavilion in Daytona Beach. (N)ception just confirmed to play the annual " Welcome to Rockville " festival in Jacksonville and also participating with international photography from Joshua Koloski and his entertainment company Mouth4Music. "I am excited to be a part of this event playing with such a large array of bands and getting to meet so many people. It is not everyday that an opportunity like this arises and we are extremely humbled to be a part of it" says the bands drummer Fish.

(N)ception is looking to expand their horizons outside of the sunshine state and doing an official East Coast tour "We are a moving trains and we are not stopping" says Snowflake. "We are ready to really put ourselves out there and show the world what we have to offer and prove to ourselves what we can offer to them in return, This is only the beginning for us".

(N)ception is a well oiled machine that is ready to tear the roof off ! We hope to gain fans who will listen until the end. We all need an (N)ception... the journey begins here."