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Facebook Marketing For Small Business Owners

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If you own a small business then there's no doubt you're constantly trying to find ways that you can draw in new customers and sell a lot more to the customers that you currently have.

Historically this would mean strategies including Yellow pages ads, T.V ads, newspapers, leaflets etc.

But over the last decade or so the growth of the Internet has created a whole lot of innovative marketing options, like Facebook.

Facebook actually offers more than a single strategy to advertise your business making it an exceptionally robust platform, especially when you consider the total number of users Facebook presently has.

Where do you begin.

Well there's two basic promotional methods available to you - paid and free.

Much like the ad platform run by Google, Facebook has a ad platform which will allow you to run advertisements inside of the Facebook website that lead individuals to your own site.

Exactly where this is different from Google is in the targeting tools. Because Facebook collects so much information about its users, it can then give advertisers a number of extremely powerful targeting resources so its possible to truly pick out a section of the users list that you feel best represents your potential clients.

You would start by narrowing the targeting to your geographical location before working out who you should advertise to by age, sex and also hobbies.

If you want to go with the cost-free strategy for marketing on Facebook, then the initial step is to create a facebook page for your business.

This lets you create your own little network inside of Facebook that can be used to help keep clientele as well as prospective buyers updated about anything that's happening in your company.

This really is less concerned with selling and more about growing relationships and loyalty.

If you genuinely wish to take full advantage of Facebook marketing you should mix the both of these methods.

So you would not only create a fan page for the business, and test some advertisements leading people to your website, you may want to test using ads to direct people to your Facebook page.

This strategy normally leads to less costly ad charges and helps you increase your fan numbers noticeably faster.

If you haven't yet started with Facebook, there isn't any better moment than right now.

Begin by putting together a page for the small business. If you really want to make your Facebook page stand out then you could pay someone for a relatively small amount to customise the fan page.

When this is online start running some ads and see if you're able to get some sales out of it. This might take some trial and error but as you become better your costs will decrease and you ought to be getting some really targeted visitors at a great price.

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Posted Apr 21, 2012 at 3:08pm