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Genres: Christian / Rock / Alternative

Location: Port Huron, MI

Stats: 32 fans / 2,426 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Andy: vocals, Wyatt: guitar, Mark: guitar, Nathan: drums,

Hard work is something Nailpoint has become accustomed to since the band's
inception in 2002. Until the Michigan group began touring full-time in January
of 2007, the current lineup of Andrew Vincent (Vocals), Mark Vincent (Guitar),
Nathan Thompson (Drums) and Wyatt Bade (Guitar) all carried full-time jobs
ranging from medical assistant, internet sales and service technician to sheet
metal worker, while touring weekends. With the band's first year of 80 + shows,
the business demands of being a full-time band grew. Nailpoint adapted, signing
sponsorships deals, rebuilding its websites, redesigning merchandise and logos,
while establishing its own independent record label (Mad Monkey Records). Some
band members still work part-time when not touring.

Recently, the band spent five months in pre-production with producer Tony
Palacios before recording their new album, all while rehearsing and carrying a
tight tour schedule. Before heading into the studio, band members worked odd
jobs, earning money to help feed themselves while recording.

"Practice, practice and more practice, " said Bade. "We would rehearse on
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, writing lyrics in the morning and practicing for
about four hours in the evening. Personally, I would practice guitar for two
hours every morning and two-three hours at night."

Although the band is working hard at building their career, one thing its
members will not do is compromise their integrity.

"Meaningful sounding, empty words can come from anyone. Integrity is the means
by which our words are able to carry weight," comments Andrew Vincent.

Demonstrating their passion, the band periodically takes time to perform at
prisons while touring. They regularly serve inmates at the St. Clair County
Juvenile Detention Center in Port Huron, Michigan and have performed for the
inmates at the Oachita River Unit of the Arkansas Department of Corrections.
Christian Rock Report's Chris Anderson said this about the band in a recent
article: "This band performed boldly and shamelessly in front of 260 prisoners
(at Oachita Prison). Hebrews 13:3 says to remember those in prison as if you
were their fellow prisoner. They were the first band ever to play in the unit.
Eight men came forward to receive Christ. That's what I am talking about right
there...truly awesome."

Family is also a top priority for the members of Nailpoint.

"Family is key, without their support we couldn't do this. Traveling around for
weeks-at-a-time is tiring even without a family, so having them in our corner
helps keep us going. Our families provide us with encouragement and the support
needed to have this kind of life style. Not too many wives would be ok with
their husband being gone so much, but ours understand
the call and stick by us no matter what. We are so blessed to have families that
love and support us as much as they do. We thank God for our families and how
awesome they are," said Mark Vincent.

If you ever see the band at a show or a festival, look for their custom-touring
vehicle: a tan Chevy 2500 cargo van, with a chrome Punisher symbol on the hood.

"Our van is quite a piece of work. We took a Chevy Express cargo van and bolted
a bench seat in it and a motor home couch behind it that folds down into a bed.
We still don't know if its legal. We also bolted a skull on the hood that was
made for a semi... just to add a little class when we arrive at a venue or
festival," said Thompson.

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  • jk lol said:
    Great music guys! Dec 01
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    Christian Rock ♥ Very awesome! Aug 11
  • Rocker For God said:
    I saw you guys at The Big Ticket Festival and just have one thing to say.............AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 26
  • just another ashley said:
    you did a awsome job thursday!!! thanks for signing my wristband lol and for listenin to my story i rrly appreciated that :) Dec 19
  • Eleventynelson94 said:
    Hey Guys!!! it\'s Schuyler (from The Brownback straw poll). Just saw u guys today...LOL Thought i\'d see if u guys were on here and...YOU WERE!!!! LOL Well anyways just sending my love and blessings...Good luck touring Aug 11
  • godsgal1989 said:
    hey guys keep rocking out for christ hes using you guys as an amazing tool. love from marysville sam Jan 17
  • Baby Beth 09 said:
    Hey from Arkansas! We love you guys. Dec 26
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    Add Comment here... Dec 19
  • findingchrist said:
    Hey I love ur sound....nice. Hope to hear more from u all. Keep rockin for the Lord Oct 28
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    weeeeeeeee i love u guys Oct 24

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