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nOt bLiNd



Genres: Metal / Metalcore / Alternative

Location: Milano, Italy

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Members: COYA - D9 - DREDS - C9 - PIOLA

Almost 10 years have gone by.
And 5 guys have grown up in different backgrounds,
with different musical influences.
3 Demos , more an more aggressive.
The 1st one in 2000, the 2nd in 2001 , the 3rd one in 2009,
gone through in 2010.The research and the discovery of even
more deeper sounds, of tunes getting lower and lower and a
groove more and more heavy and powerful.
The ongoing care in not observing in an unconcerned way
things coming around, but to live them, breathe them and write
them out not to forgive them. To turn ideas, something vanishing ,
in a violent impact.
Our songs talk about real facts, people who
have crossed our lives,
some of them straight along, others widely luckily or not.
They talk about the hate that, despite all, everyone feels more than
any other emotion. About the disease that would like to go
unnoticed to blinded eyes.
And then dark times.
The darkness.
The desire of giving up everything and everyone, locking
ourselves up and threw the key away.
The pointlessness of every efforts.
But straight after ,the desire of making up something
that does not exist.
Or maybe something that did exist but had been stolen or raped.
Then a change in the line up.
The difference in the elements doesn't change
all that we carried on.
At last the band has been made up, compact,
and the will of expressing
at full and without excuses what we fell everyday .
The inner violence that has grown up for years.
Desire of redeeming, of spitting out all that doesn't work.
Desire of shouting . The desire of hiding behind
every word years of
pride and sheltered life styles without compromises.
New pieces, new tunes and new lives.
In 2010 the turning point .
The purpose of going hard, 'changing the gear'
A further and definitive line-up' change
A contract signed with a management agency and an independent label give the add-on thrust for the first full length production.
The official coming out is foreseen for the summer 2011.
Now the only aim is pouring all the anger and all the pride into the new album' tracks
It doesn't matter what had been and what will be, the nOt bLiNd are:

Coya -Voice
D9 - Guitar
Dreds - Bass
C9 - Guitar
Piola -Drums

To not forget and to not remember. To not shut the eyes down.

nOt bLiNd...cause can be seen a mile away
all the shit that's around us.



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Jan 01, 2010


Lodi, Italy


Milano, Italy

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