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Genres: Post Hardcore / Rock

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with the untimely departure of marius "boogie" lucino due to personal priorities, the band had a hard time adjusting. the group went into a brief hiatus due to the said fact and the remaining members (acaylar, autus and mafe) went ahead and still wrote songs in lucino's absence, they were able to draft the services of UNHEARD' S skin punisher Rj. for the said remainder of his stint the band was able to continue and strengthen the band's presence both in their locality of laguna and othe parts of the country. they were able to front some of the more famous signed band's at that time. change is a vital player with life and the band was not spared from this difficulty. Rj had to leave becasue of his conflicting schedule with his band primary band UNHEARD and the band was again left with the uncertainty of having their music progress to the next level. the void was filled out by the present beats of donnie the band's current drummer who quickly adapted to the band's signature sound of techy-yet-catchy melodic sound. the band has currently made a couple new songs in which they interplay regularly with their older materials to crowds both old and new to keep it fresh. the band as like other unsigned and DIY artist is in the process of recording their efforts, As such it is the same financial contraints that hinders them to release their much awaited full length. rest assured the members are doing their best and making a concise effort to finalize the said full length that is more than just overdue.... the band's noterierity became a myth at shows and their knowledgeable finesse in handling as such makes it an experience not just a spectacle...through obstacles and compliments they carry on....no matter how difficult it would be.... this is not the last, this is their stand...




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