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Genres: Emo / Indie / Acoustic

Location: Riverton, NJ

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Members: Colin Kassekert


  • Zandro said:
    I heard your songs in myspace and it was all great! keep it up! Oct 21
  • Britany said:
    Wonderful Music. Muah A Britany Kiss 4 Colin. :) Mar 20
  • Tinaa said:
    wow youre music is actually pretty good :) Mar 16
  • Wonder Woman said:
    I really love your music, you guys should enable downloads for all of your songs! Apr 20
  • N0RASxonfire said:
    i think your amazing. and i also think you should come to valentines in albany NY Jul 06
  • lost without you 17 said:
    welcome to ur worst day... amazing song :) May 24
  • Maestro_blc said:
    unbelievable... this is some of the best acoustic genre music i\'ve heard. great job Feb 18
  • said:
    the songs are nice. good luck :) Feb 02
  • kaitlyn*93 said:
    Wow I totally love acoustic anyways.. but this is awesome. I love your lyrics...cant wait to hear more.! Jan 16
  • AustinTXbbp said:
    wow yall are pretty kool! your worst day ever song is so true!! i have those days all the time! Jan 15
  • princess cali! said:
    you guys are amazing! i love you and i\'ve only listened to you once. will you marry me? Jan 15
  • lost without you 17 said:
    Welcome to Your Worst Day... pretty much my favorite song! let me know when u have shirts printed :) Jan 15
  • Sun Set SAVE me said:
    Oh my GOD! Wow, I think I\'m in love with the vocals. Niceee. Great Lyrics as well! Jan 15
  • XXchica_ish_spifeehxx said:
    Very good vocals, probably one of the best ametuer emo voices out their, better than fallout boy!!! Definately. Very nice, chills. I REALLY like \'it\'s a shame\' good lyrics. May 18
  • lauralukey said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 09


Mar 08, 2010

Welcome to Your Worst Day

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