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  • @teteiayh said:
    Mama, we all go to hell ♫ Jan 20
  • perceivedorder said:
    MCRmy Forever! Jan 17
  • Mike said:
    you guys are awesome, enough said \m/! Jan 16
  • astro said:
    \m/ Dec 23
  • lucy said:
    love your music so much and can you plez put helan!!!:D Dec 14
  • Bebe Kinky said:
    You need to add Teenagers or i will cry XD Oct 31
  • Tori said:
    Oct 09
  • Mad13 said:
    Just learned tp play Na Na Na on bass guitar.......wish i could have seen the best band again Aug 11
  • Hitler Anzai said:
    PLEASE CHECK THIS BAND http://www.purevolume.com/ExoraInFear Jul 29
  • Taylor said:
    I love you so much it's ridiculous. Jul 19
  • Rafaela said:
    My favorite band forever and ever. ♥ Jul 13
  • sweets007 said:
    I'm going to the honda civic tour! Jun 28
  • Who Cares? said:
    I've loved you guys since the beginning, forever my favorite band! ♥ Jun 26
  • oyuki said:
    COME TO INDIANA please Jun 25
  • oyuki said:
    my fav. song is its not a fashion statement its a fucking deathwish. :) Jun 24
  • Kaitlin Hunter said:
    check out my videos for hey brother and the music man www.purevolume.com/kaitlinhunter Jun 22
  • Izzy Coutinho said:
    Please come back to Brazil someday, We miss you guys! Jun 15
  • Izzy Coutinho said:
    You guys are awesome. My favorite EP is "The Black Parade". I miss the old MCR but i like you guys anyways. :-) ♥ Jun 15
  • CarooL Killjoy said:
    please come to mexico guys :D May 27
  • Matt said:
    www.purevolume.com/ipty pop punk!!! May 08

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