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  • The Anti Hero said:
    Been listening to you since I was little. Now I'm 18, and still love the music! So glad you're still around =DDD Mar 24
  • lovelyfelthearts said:
    I can't believe you guys covered Linda Linda!! Ohmigosh! Awesome! :) Mar 24
  • Chantelle Dropdead. said:
    you guys are really good [= Mar 23
  • Send.Her.To.Hell said:
    I FUCKING LOVE MXPX!!!!!!! :DDDDD Mar 23
  • Zra. Zombiie said:
    really good!! =D Mar 23
  • Mark said:
    FREE E.P DOWNLOAD! TOTALY FREE!!!!! Hi Please check out www.purevolume.com/kyotodrive for fans of Pop Punk/Emo and download our debut E.P totally free. You will love it!!! Mar 17
  • hxcpunker92 said:
    Not A lot of my friends know about you guys either but my goal is to let the whole world know. MXPX forever Mar 12
  • ... *sophie* ... said:
    OMG!! i love you guys sooo much! none of my friends know who u r but ur still amazing!! (Y) xx Mar 09
  • Josh Jones said:
    tom is why i started playing guitar. u guys Rock! Mar 03
  • xobing harrt said:
    damn! i love you guys! Mar 01
  • hxcpunker92 said:
    Ive been listening to you guys since I was like 10. Keep it up Feb 26
  • liquidrider_4 said:
    p.s. I am jazzed that you have Em from The Action Design on one of the songs on your On The Cover album... Tsunami Bomb is another of my fav punk bands... gah... rockin Feb 25
  • liquidrider_4 said:
    I'll tell you guys straight up, you guys are the reason I listen to punk music. First album I ever bought from you guys was Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo. After that CD I was hooked and I have faithfully purchased every album you guys have put out after that (and some from before). I have only been to 1 concert with you guys in it (you + chiodos in Grand Rapids MI... idk why you opened for them) I just wanna say that God has blessed you guys with a huge following and knowing that you guys are out there doing his work and keeping it clean is really huge. Keep it up guys and I'll keep supporting you and I know God will keep blessing you. Feb 25
  • Pendekar_kancoeT said:
    keep punk rawk come again to Indoneia Feb 21
  • The Skyline Surrender said:
    You guys are sick!!! If you have a minute, check out The Skyline Surrender at purevolume.com/theskylinesurrender Thanks!! Feb 20
  • -Teo- said:
    Great band! Feb 19
  • pennywisefan123 said:
    u guys are the best Feb 15
  • run_sia said:
    I loves it (k) Feb 14
  • broken eyes said:
    I was waiting something new from you guys! Mxpx...is so much in my life. ThanxS!!!!! Seba from Buenos aires! Feb 11
  • OUR LAST STAND said:
    You should put some of your older stuff up, it was some of the best. Feb 09

Events (2)

Mar 13

Denver, CO

7:00pm at Gothic Theatre
Mar 14

Seattle, WA

7:00pm at The Showbox