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Amber Rose Confirms She Has Sex Tapes With Kanye West

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Amber Rose Sex Tape With Kanye West: Actress Wants To ‘Humiliate’ Kim Kardashian!

While we have to credit West for adding fuel to the fire, Rose seems to fanning the flames. With Twitter as their battleground, the feud first started when Rose’s baby-daddy Wiz Khalifa called out Kanye West for “ripping off” another rapper’s style when he changed his album name from Swish to Waves.

She’s been hinting for years that she has pictures, videos and text messages saved from when she dated Kanye that could humiliate him and Kim. Amber is very crafty, no one would put it past her from taking pictures of Kanye without him knowing,” says the source.

Amber then goes on to tell people that Kanye and the Kardashian family better watch thier steps or she will prove without a doubt that Kanye does in fact like ass play as she has a sex tape of Kanye West from when they were and item



Posted Jan 30, 2016 at 4:58am