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Hulk Hogan Leaked Sex Tape by Gawker Breaking News!

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Hulk Hogan can search Gawker computers for evidence in sex-tape lawsuit
Hulk Hogan has received permission to search through desktop and laptop computers belonging to Gawker, its executives and former employees to look for evidence that the ailing blog site leaked confidential information to the National Enquirer.

A Florida judge also allowed Hogan to comb through smartphones and other digital equipment belonging to Gawker co-founder Nick Denton, former Editor A.J. Daulerio and President Heather Dietrick.

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Judge rules Hulk Hogan can inspect Gawker’s computers, phones after leak of sex tape, racist rant
Wrestling star Hulk Hogan will be allowed to search emails, computers and phones belonging to Gawker executives he blames for leaking a sex-tape and racist rant that "ruined" his career.

A Florida judge granted the Hulkster's request Wednesday, citing the seriousness of his claims against the news and gossip website, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The approval will allow a court-appointed expert to inspect the electronic communications of Gawker's founder and chief executive, Nick Denton, as well as company president Heather Dietrick and former editor A.J. Daulerio.

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Posted Oct 23, 2015 at 11:58pm