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  • Basil said:
    MUSE IS SO GOOD!! if you guys wanna hear a girl fronted/muse influenced band that rocks check out purevolume.com/theclaritysystem Aug 16
  • Malachi said:
    Please search "play the bones"(we use classical piano mixed with rock) Lisen to our second track!(it has piano) if you like muse you might like our songs too! Thanks! Aug 15
  • Sheena said:
    you are simply great guys ! Aug 14
  • -JigSaW.JeSs- said:
    Soo.. i agree with MD *hammer.. you need to come to minnesota :D Aug 10
  • Andie said:
    Heya If you had the time I'd be grateful if you checked out www.purevolume.com/andieball Cheers! Aug 07
  • mRalix said:
    Muse is my all-time favorite band. I have all the albums, and I can practically feel the growth of the music. Totally rox my world! Come to Minnesota!! Jul 29
  • Dr. Kirby said:
    Can't wait for The Resistance. Jul 27
  • Laura! :) said:
    I now have basically all of your songs on my iTunes ;D And if it's even possible, I love you much moooore now XD !! 09.11.09!!! Jul 24
  • NGreenie said:
    such a talented band. so much substance. Jul 18
  • Jenny Barboni said:
    one of my favorite bands ever. these guys are just awesome ♥ Jul 14
  • HAhahahaha said:
  • ashlyn. said:
    supermassive black hole is my favourite ever. Jul 11
  • Kristian-o said:
    i love your songs. they ROCK!!! Jul 09
  • Laura! :) said:
    loveloveloveloveL O V E you guys soo much :D and I can't believe i'm actually going to see you in November. I'm so excited.. i might just explode.. :) xxx Jul 05
  • Matt Sykes said:
    We're Mice. We Rock. Check out my band at PUREVOLUME.COM/TEMPLETONBROUGHTTHEPLAGUE and add us!!!!! Jun 26
  • lady_rainicorn said:
    i lofe falling away with you!! when are you guys comming to WA?! Jun 23
  • briannasaur said:
    supa massive black hole was in twilight! you guys rock!! Jun 19
  • Manu said:
    Genious! www.purevolume.com/HombreZ listen my music Jun 17
  • Mary Hoy (blasko) said:
    fyi...i loved u all before twilight came out!!!! the only reason i like that movie is because my fav song is on the sound track. Jun 17
  • whosthatgal...? said:
    when are you guys coming to NZ???!!! by the way...starlight and supermassive black hole are fantastic! keep up the fabulous work =D love you guys Jun 15

Events (2)

Dec 05

Zurich, Switzerland

7:00pm at Hallenstadion
Sep 25

East Rutherford, NJ

7:00pm at Giants Stadium

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