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Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Acoustic

Location: Nanchital, Mexico

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4 tracks

Members: **Gerardo Munguia Alonso**

Gerardo Munguia Alonso or better known as **MUNGUII** vocalist and also of LIZZIE BORDEN. Nace a day February 20, 1990 around 3:50 a.m. in the Veracruz, now lie in a village called Nanchital L . CARDENAS in the outskirts of Coatzacoalcos.

His first contact with music ALOS was 11 years old when he was gifted his first acoustic guitar, though the concern grows even more when he decided to learn to play. taking advantage of their high school entrance tothe 12 years decided to take a course there daban.En those same years income and joined the band rondalla or your school, getting to play well in school events and outside of it.

Almost at the end of high school and serving their 15 years of age get their first electric guitar and without the courses and with little learning in the conventional guitar and no idea how to play the electric, decides to learn to play on their own looking for magazines , methods, websites and creating songs to get heard.

Achieves its first band to enter this year thanks to his earlier comment on teacher and friend Emanuel "Chak" member of the band calling it self "DARK ROOM" which was a failed attempt to excel. Followed at the conclusion of this playing with friends at school just for fun until one of them says the idea to form a group themselves, friends and others from the room were already proposed to arm the group as well as deciding to start something to achieve the coming months called "chrysalis" banda arriving own version to take a "" known theme of "TU FORMA DE SER" of fabulous decadent.

After almost a year decided to leave the lead singer of the band and there are only 3 members including gabriel "GABO" current liro of Lizzie Borden who went into a more punk in the beginning then go to happy punk coming to call them "KINDER "months after the existence of this name in many bands in the scene into" PLAN B ". At this time began to do something that bands Nanchital then not in a song. Done to draw attention to rolas 4 of which were unaware of its existence.

After some presentations and make themselves known on the stage under the concept and decide to put a harder sound is born as well as "Fage-32." reaching change integramtes (drummer,bass.guitar) until the alignment is currently in Lizzie Borden. Band with which it has shared scene with bands in major events of the stature of pxndx-insite-lugo-Toccata-the 21 tracks among others.

He began to compose close to 16 years creating songs rather leaflets that were never completed rolas including some that were and were part of earlier "Planb" as "hate school", "Good afternoon," "Denise," " When I sent the Burger "or" 5 seconds "," Revolver, "" Dead Day "from" Fage-32. "

It currently has an approximately 30 SONGS!! some unfinished, some finished and think that will be published in this myspace (Excluding material Lizzie Borden), which will take us to the edge of big emotions and feelings in each letter; each note on each occasion and reason of being written.

Are not the typical stories that you tell someone you love or at least not in the way these are used to listening to a recording of his melodia.Piensa EP which is now looking to seal and bond to will work as well as who will be in charge of the mixture and mazterizado. The name for this well defined but it is rumored to have 4 or 5 songs, of which will be the starting point for what will come in this new project that promises much but much more ...



  • Lori-Anne said:
    I'd probably like it if I knew Spanish:( Oct 01
  • ROCKINDIE21 said:
    Hola ! MUNGUI, tu musica e interpretacion son excelentes ! Paz y Exitos por siempre !........LUIS * Jul 12
    dude dont call me bby ok??? your songs sounds good but isnt my style.sorry but keep up the good work:] Jul 10
  • Katie Fey said:
    Ніцца пісні:) Jun 24
  • DieAnna. said:
    Me encanta tu musica(: Jun 14
  • Tommi ToXication™ said:
    uber awshummm :]] May 29
  • Tommi ToXication™ said:
    uber awshummm :]] May 29
  • Brianna said:
    I'm sorry, I don't speak spanish. But it sounds good! May 27
  • sweetcaroline~ said:
    sounds pretty good.. but i dont speak spanish . XD May 27
  • ☠Kayla_Love☠ said:
    meh sorriez i dnt speak spanish lolz but i @ least listend May 27
  • --ClandestineLove-- said:
    i don't understand a single word of it...but it sounds pretty good!!! May 26
  • Kelsey said:
    Yay, you're cool. :D May 20
  • Miranda*Marlene said:
    no comprendo! sorry! i don't speak spanish... but i like how it sounds! and my friend ruby likes it too! (she actually speaks spanish! me... do not! lol) May 18
  • Abby[ATL]™ said:
    i like (: May 16
  • Coral Kerry :] said:
    muahh :] May 15


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