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Muddy Rails


Genres: Punk / Rock / Indie

Location: Iowa City, IA

Stats: 2 fans / 567 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Foz-Jed-Andy-Phil

Iowan punk band. We're very interested in shows and/or show swapping. About to drop our first LP. Keep in touch.


  • MS. O said:
    TO THE YOUNG MAN WHO ONCE PLAYED GUITAR IN MY CLASSROOM: If you ever play down the street (and over a block) from my house again without notifying me in advance, I will kick your @$$! I was out of town for a week, so I go online tonight to see what cool shows are coming up at The Gaslamp -- which is one of my fave bars in DM (and just 2 miles from my house, max) -- and this music keeps playing the whole time I'm scrolling through the list. I eventually look at the info at the bottom of the screen, where the music seems to be coming from, and I see my old friend FOZ smiling out of my computer at me! What the _ _ _ _ ?!? Hugs and kisses, Ms. O P.S. Notify me in advance next time (steph_always@yahoo.com), and all is forgiven! Mar 24


Apr 02, 2012