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Movies With Heroes


Genres: Indie / Rock / Post Hardcore

Location: Lancaster, PA

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Members: Jeff, Keith, Jeremy, Chiemena, Patrick


As the old clich goes, there are two sides to every story, and the music of Lancaster PAs MOVIES WITH HEROES is no exception.

For MOVIES, five years of indie-touring, self-released records, and uncompromising live shows culminate with the release of their national debut, Nothing Here is Perfect. The album, an overpowering blend of the ferocious and the fragile, manages to deliver on two fronts, simultaneously rocking both melodically and methodically.

On one hand, you have the cerebral lyrics, the delicately deliberate arrangements, and the intricately structured melodies. Its music from the brain, plotted-out with the uncanny precision.

On the other hand, you have the sound of something visceral and fierce. This is the sound of five grown men going for broke. The sound of five lifetimes worth of passion being distilled into a single powerful presentation. Its music from the heart, brimming over with sincerity and ardor.

Produced and recorded by the members of MOVIES WITH HEROES and mixed by Ed Rose (THE GET UP KIDS, REGGIE AND THE FULL EFFECT), Nothing Here Is Perfect is a kaleidoscopic romp through the annals of arena rock. From the riotous march of Wake Up to the black-and-blue groove of Nothing to the anthemic pop of Wildflower, the band shows in the full spectrum of colors how years of struggle, sacrifice and angst can blossom into a sound full of purpose and drive.

Since solidifying in 2000, the band has shared stages across the US with the likes of COHEED AND CAMBRIA, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL, CURSIVE, THE PROMISE RING, RAINER MARIA, and more. Now in partnership with CI Records, MOVIES WITH HEROES is poised to make an impact on a national front as one of the most excitingly honest and emotive bands to emerge from the independent music scene.

Like a working class COLDPLAY, or the FOO FIGHTERS with a doctorate, MOVIES WITH HEROES walks a fine line between the two sides of their story, finding something beautiful in the delicate, albeit tense, balance between them.

Nothing Here is Perfect hits stores March 28th, 2006.


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    WOW. you guys really rock. LoveIt. Jan 19


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