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Genres: Rock / Alternative

Location: United States

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Members: Josh Eppard, Dave Parker, Kurt Brown, Anthony Masington, Dave Daw

Winter 2008/2009
5 souls calling out to the heart of Rock 'n' Roll were in for a shocker. The stars actually aligned on top of Darkworld Studio.

After wrapping up Sick Kids Josh Eppard ached for some pure, hard, raw, fucking straight up Rock. So he stayed at Darkworld and started rockin' out. Dave Daw picked up a bass and locked in. Kurt Brown came and Dave Parker spanked that record button.

On an off day, Anthony Masington came in to continue on his record with Dave and Dave. Within moments of meeting, Josh was at Anthony's leg, humping away. Anthony in turn latched onto Josh's leg. So incredibly turned on by the waves penetrating their aural cavities, the Daves of our lives and Kurt whipped theirs out and hopped on too. You should'a seen it. In no time flat, it was a full fledged (musical) fuck fest!

This here is their lovechild. Mours.




United States


United States

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