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Honda CR125 Review

2002 Honda CR125R

For anybody dirt bikers that would like to know a bit about the Honda CR125, play this post as I provides you with a review of the bike. Even though it is a 2002, not much changed since 2007 with the exception that the motor was modified slightly in 2005. And this should be pretty accurate to the newer models too because Honda pretty gave up on their two-strokes once they unleashed the thumpers (four-strokes). honda shadow review


To begin with, I wanted to mention enhanced comfort level on this bike is excellent. It's probably the tallest bike I've ridden, seat height-wise, however it is also one of the most comfortable motocross bikes I've ridden. It is a little bit high for shorter riders at all like me(5'6''), but once you get on it it's fine.


If you are stock suspension, I thought that it was great. Although I didn't ride it difficult, it worked out well for me. It consumed all the bad landings, the braking bumps did not throw me around, plus the corners it had not been wanting to stand up. Ever since i am a lighter rider I figured the stock set-up would be a little on the stiff side, however turned the compression and rebound clickers around the forks and shock completely in and it was fine.


Now you may have heard the Honda two-stroke engines suck, no one else power, and they are the worst two-stroke ever. If you did not hear that, then disregard what I just said. Now, some of that is partly true. They do not have the most powerful engine that's for sure. But that's not to say that they're slow. After all, it's mainly the rider rather than the bike, but we aren't here to talk about that. When it comes to power, yes the bottom-end is very weak. In fact, it's so weak that it's surprising that it even goes. Once you get it into the mid-range then it wakes up a little bit with okay power. The top-end hit isn't most powerful in it's class either, but it is nothing to be embarrassed about. The motor even offers the "Rattle of Death," We have heard, and my CR stood a rattle too, but you shouldn't need to worry about this because pretty much all of these have it.


Handling on this bike is probably primary in it's class. Sometimes it can go through corners faster than you are able to! Wait, does that make sense?? Anyway, the handling is excellent much like the stock suspension. This could be the biggest reason why find Honda's, and I agree with them; it's great!


The jetting on Honda's is something that scares people away. The two-strokes tend to eat up spark plugs quickly when the bike isn't jetted for your correct temperature and altitude. I didnrrrt have any problems with mine since i bought it with it correctly jetted for where I ride. I am not an expert with carburetors, therefore i suggest bring it with a trusted mechanic and obtain it properly jetted. If you wish to do it yourself then buy a manual for the bike without having one already and read it carefully. Do not let the Honda jetting or rumors about it always being hungry scare you away. It is a great bike. You just need to fix the carburetor proper way.

What I Think of It.....

Overall a great package for new riders. It looks great, it rides great, and two-strokes are easier/cheaper on maintenance. It is a perfect bike for any new racer that does not need much power and needs a good handling, stock bike. Following your the jetting is bound, you got a great bike in your hands. Make sure you maintain it, have some fun, and keep those two-smokes rollin'!! motovlogger


Posted Feb 06, 2015 at 7:48am