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Genres: Metal / Punk / Rock

Location: Carson, PA

Stats: 39 fans / 12,579 plays / 27 plays today






Members: Pam Simmons, Dennis Brown, Amy Bianco

Picture a wall of Marshall amps stacked high, each gain and volume knob cranked up to "supersonic"...thats just the tip of the iceberg describing Pittsburghs MOTORPSYCHOS. Hurling high-octane riffs, snarling vocals, and pounding rhythms into the faces of all who dare cross their aural path, the MOTORPSYCHOS fuse dark-spirited punk rock with twinges of metal and sleaze rock, pushing the envelope by challenging the music world infested with watered down corporate rock and roll charlatans.


The band hit the ground running in early 2000: three gals and a guy playing fuel injected rock and roll professing their love of all things fast, aggressive and loud. Their name has spread like wildfire across the Northeast thanks to their no-holds-barred attitude and iron-clad work ethic. The Steel City has bred a plethora of top notch punk and rock bands over the past two decades and bands like the MOTORPSYCHOS continue to build upon and refine that tradition.

The MOTORPSYCHOS have conquered self-promoted tours and countless regional shows, having shared on countless beer-soaked stages with like-minded aggressors such as 30 SECONDS TO MARS, DEATH BY STEREO, 10 YEARS, ILL NINO, KITTIE, BROADZILLA, JUCIFER, BOTTOM, LO PRO, HONKEY, MODEY LEMON, TWO MAN ADVANTAGE, HARLOW, THE SHOCKER, and BITCHCAT, among others. Their music and hard work continues to win the praises of publications on all levels (from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to national mag, ROCKRGRL, and international publications, Metal Maidens and Metal Maniacs). In 2004 the MOTORPSYCHOS were the winners of the Rolling Rock Hard & Heavy Rock Wars held at Nick's Fat City, competing against nineteen other contenders. Most recently, THE MOTORPSYCHOS were named BEST ROCK BAND IN PITTSBURGH in the 2005 K-Rock Hard Rock Challenge as well as winners of the Pittsburgh semi-finals of the Zippo Hot Tour. Part of 2005's X-Fest with headliner DISTURBED, and participating in the VANS WARPED TOUR, the band continues to spread the word to the psycho nation.
The MOTORPSYCHOS third studio release "Coming of Rage" is available August 2008.

"The bands new album Piston Whipped, is loud and hard, Full of retribution and doom"
(Frank De Blas) Rochester City News.

"From the opening salvo, I could not detect the slightest trace of a day job in any member in this band"
(Jay Belfiore) Nightwire Magazine, Pittsburgh.

"Good hard rock right from the gut. I would like to know why one has to go to Pittsburgh to find hard music like this"
(Matthew OHalloran) New York Waste Magazine

"Lillith girls of the world beware, the Motorpsychos are out to put an end to the debate over whether or not you need a cock, to rock"
(BJ Lisko) The Jambar, Youngstown

"Kickstart your engines motherfuckers, because MOTORPSYCHOS just invented the sixth gear! (Toine van Poorten - Metal Maidens Magazine)


  • stephen9098 said:
    i love you guys mn i listened to you and was like hell yeah you guys rock.. Nov 27

Coming of Rage

Aug 23, 2008

Piston Whipped

No release date


2006 New York City plane crash, United States


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