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Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Pop

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom

Stats: 47 fans / 2,620 plays / 38 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Adam Barnes

'Track Listing'

1. The Devil and The Angel
2. Running Shoes
3. Ghosts In The Windows
4. Making Colours
5. Something That I Needed
6. Art Of Feeling Lost
7. Into Sky

100 Resolutions. an acoustic duet based in a small village of
Oxfordshire called Harwell. Starting in March 2006, Adam Barnes the
vocalist and guitar and Mike Thomas the Guitaristand occasional singer
both had the same dedication and intregue in the acoustic genre of the
scene to try and see if something would work. After previous attempts
of bands had failed the two tried something abit smaller and a different
genre and it seemed to click straight away, being able to perform
Sitting Waiting Wishing and various other Jack Johnson covers was untill
after summer there main way of songs.

The past year has been some what of a Rollercoaster from the covers to
there own songs in mid August producing there very first song together 5
months after there first practice but it was the start of things to come and
they soon started to rack up the songs by the end of the year they had
recorded the first 7 song e.p and hoping to release it early 2007. The
highlight if the year came in November and opening the acoustic set at
Sweatbox it being there very first gig it was a huge hurdle to overcome
but from the response after they completed that with flying colours.

This band has finally started to take action and write songs, showing the
local area that there is still young talent out there to be found. With there
unbelieveably catchy chorus' and melodic lines there something that really
should be watched over the next few years. being compared to bands like
The Fray, and producing tunes that are taking the Oxfordshire area by


''I first saw 100 Resolutions lining up along side a metal band and a grunge band, and even thought the other bands were a lot louder and more aggressive, it was 100 resolutions that were most powerful.

I found that the songs were all very well written, I noticed how the chords fitted the words, and how songwriter Adam Barnes was not scared to play with vocal melodies and different styles.

Also guitarist Michael Thomas should be credited for holding the rhythm to Barnes's powerful singing throughout the whole album, fairytales. The album features 7 tracks, all of which are brilliant songs and original songs from such young artists
I would say that for everyone who wants strong, deep lyrics set to perfect guitar, 100 resolutions are the band for you.''

adam price - 12th february 2007



Listen to 100 Resolutions at Bebo.com


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  • Adam Louch said:
    Hey Adam It Adam Louch from the platform gig in Witney, if i get ur email i can see when my birthday will be, great songs love them all, need to buy an album off u lol. Adam Louch Jul 04
  • meganincolour. said:
    Hmmm, can I have the lyrics to If I Knew? Mar 21
  • meganincolour. said:
    what about the new songs? Feb 18
  • xxthebestdeceptionxx said:
    its sad that everyone seems to acknowledge adam and no one really mentions mike...*sigh* hes as much this band as adam people so yer dont just ignore him! :) xxx to BOTH Feb 16
  • xxthebestdeceptionxx said:
    they should stop arguing cause im blates the biggest fan! XP btw when can i see youuuu!? I love \'If I knew\' this is first time i heard it and its soooooo good tough aofl is still my favourite :) Feb 16
  • meganincolour. said:
    awwww, your new song made me cry. I Feb 14
  • meganincolour. said:
    I\'m getting in touch. I want Fairytales please. xx megan Jan 30
  • meganincolour. said:
    I thought you said I was the biggest fan? Jan 28
  • *_juliagrace // said:
    adam, aren\'t i your number one fan?!? set the record straight! julia Jan 27
  • meganincolour. said:
    I\'m still your biggest fan! =D Jan 24
  • meganincolour. said:
    you guys\'s music is so great, and makes me feel so good. I mean, it makes me cry. It\'s that good. Jan 18
  • meganincolour. said:
    THANK YOU For posting the lyrics! You guys are my favorite! Am I your biggest fan? Lol Jan 16
  • meganincolour. said:
    I love your songs. You guys are one of the best. Jan 16
  • meganincolour. said:
    I like the song Could You Be Me. Really nice! Great job Adam(and other guy...lol)! Jan 16

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