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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Indie

Location: Cincinnati, OH

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Members: Brad Stenz plays guitar and lead singer, The Billionaire plays guitar and backup singer 1, Eli White plays electric bass and back up singer 2, Kevin Hogle plays kick drum, floor top, snar drum, high hat cymbol, 2 crash cym

The Cincinnati-based band MOTH will be the first release from Hey Domingo! a new independent record label founded by A&R veteran Todd Sullivan.

Immune To Gravity will be released nationally on March 26th and distributed by High Wire Music and Fontana Distribution. Formerly of Geffen Records and Virgin Records, Sullivan scouted and signed commercial and critical darlings Weezer, Sloan, Ted Hawkins, Southern Culture on the Skids and more.

"I was fortunate to be able to sign artists such as Weezer, Sloan and Ted Hawkins to labels like Geffen Records and Virgin Records because I believed in their talent as well as their unique appeal to break through to a larger audience," said Todd Sullivan, founder of Hey Domingo! "Moth is a band I previously signed to Virgin Records because I loved their music and when I heard the demos for what eventually became their new CD Immune To Gravity, I knew it was time put my money where my mouth was and start my own label. The record is absolutely fantastic."

Immune To Gravity is Moth's fifth full-length release from founding member and Cincinnati native Brad Stenz. Full of more hooks than a fisherman's tackle box, the eleven tracks on Immune lie somewhere neatly between Weezer, The Cars and XTC. Their major label debut on Virgin Records in 2002, Provisions, Fiction and Gear, received extremely favorable press in Blender, Guitar World, CMJ, Rolling Stone and a television appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Live, Moth has shared the stage with bands such as The Offspring, Violent Femmes, Finch and more. In 2005, they won the live act of the year at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards and were the featured artist on Myspace.com in November. A video for the song "Revolution" directed by Paul Grundy will be serviced to television and online outlets as well.

Moth, who pack a powerful live set, have been touring the United States in the later half of 2005 and plan to tour consistently throughout 2006. Upcoming tour dates in the first half of 2006 include East Coast, Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions as well as the SXSW Music Conference leading up to the release of Immune

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Many times Ive been told that I am a little off my rocker, and I am now quite positive that people are probably right. Last night, while driving through Downtown Cincinnati, I was at a stoplight chanting, yelling and throwing my fists around like Billy Idol does when he sings Rebel Yell along to MOTHs latest CD, Immune To Gravity. I happened to look over at the curb on Sixth Street and saw a man laughing his arse off at my enthusiastic dancing and fist pumping. To add to my embarrassment, my window was down, so I imagine he heard my atrocious attempts at singing Stenzs songs as well.

MOTH is made up of Stenz, Eli White, Kevin Hogle and The Billionaire (Eric Diedrichs, also of cari clara), and their much anticipated follow up to Drop Deaf (2003) is set to hit the streets on Saturday, October 22, 2005. Immune to Gravity is now a coveted part of my CD collection, and after Saturdays release party, I plan to find the man on Sixth Street and make him understand exactly why I was singing and dancing so passionately.

Eleven unique tracks - every one of them bristling with raw energy and punk charm - make up Immune, which is, by far, their most technically and musically superb venture thus far. The CD was produced by Todd Sullivan, mixed by Rich Mouser and recorded at The Mouse House in Altadena, California. The production quality is crystal clear, which gives each instrument room to add a distinctive flavor to each track.

The CD is full of alternately barbed and sensitive lyrical observations, and Ill bet you can find at least one (if not more) song subject that will leave an impression on you. For instance, Constantly On details Stenzs feelings of hopelessness, and for all those out there suffering with every day lifes agonies, his sonic emotional breakdown will have you screaming the words with empathy.

Audience favorite, Girl On Girl, is a racy story about Claire and Betty. Claires mundane job leads her to desires that most men (and some women, of course) will find quite pleasing. If you see them perform the song live (and you should), youll be thinking that the MOTH boys are geniuses in the way that they can get all of the girls - straight or not - to dance and chant, Girl on girl, gonna rock my world. The synthesizer (an instrument often dismissed in much of todays music, much to my dismay) utilized in the song enhances its naughty charm without being buried in the mix (thanks to the aforementioned clarity of the production) or coming off as cheesy.

Supermodel, is the song that will have every girl walking down the imaginary catwalk wishing her boyfriend wrote this song for her. Stenzs talent for coming up with guitar riffs really comes into play on Supermodel, as the solo is both beautiful and catchy. Every time I hear it, I stop in my tracks and think, Gosh. Thats pretty.

Revolution, my personal favorite, shows Stenzs ability to channel women very well. The sharply observed lyrics tell of a typical night at the bar with crazy, drunk girls, and never have I heard a song that challenges even the best speller like Revolution does. I wont tell you what Stenz spells, because youll have to take the time I took with the pause button and figure it out for yourself. After you solve the mystery, youll anxiously await their next local appearance, so your new talent for spelling at a superhumanly fast rate can be shown off.


  • kokosmack said:
    hey can u get \"Burning Down My Sanity\" and \"Thinkin\' Please\" on here? Mar 08
  • _cweaver said:
    Still around? Feb 13
  • said:
    I found Provisions, Fiction, and Gear in my local dollar store! ^_^ Haha, it was a promo I think, but I got addicted to it. I love the music! Jan 29

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