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Genres: Christian / Death Metal / Metal

Location: Abbotsford, Australia

Stats: 63 fans / 2,905 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: - Steve Rowe - Vocals,Bass - Michael Jelinic - Guitars - Damien Percy - Drums

"Mortification is an Australian of metal Christian band, formed in 1990 from the band Lightforce by Steve Rowe (bass and vocal), Cameron Hall (guitar) and Jayson Sherlock. Become is one of the first bands of metal extreme Christian.

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  • XxAshtonAssassinxX In Spite of Destruction. said:
    dood... you guys are awesome, hahah you basically started Christain death, ya know thank you for spreading the gospel and staying true, God bless you all Mar 31
  • Dutin said:
    If you like christian death metal. You must auto like this band. They are the ones that started christian death. God Bless guys Sep 08
  • The Unblack Vampire said:
    Hey guys!!! Check this out: ISHI - death/black metal www.purevolume.com/ISHI27083 Jan 25
  • killergroove said:
    hey guys rock on and God Bless your music ROCKS!!! keep glorifying Jesus mates Jan 14
  • CraigSnedeker said:
    I heard Your Life from "Rock On: Christian Loud Disc 2" and became an instant fan! Kudos guys Dec 14
  • fromthedarkorg said:
    Thanks for staying true to the metal, AND the Gospel for all these years guys, most of your peers haven't. Oct 19
  • Jacob Stinson said:
    Great stuff guys, keep it up!! May 04
  • Manorth said:
    Hey saludos desde tierras cafeteras hermanos, les escribo desde Bogotá Colombia (SI LA TIERRA DEL MEJOR CAFÉ)me da gusto escuchar sus producciones, su música es bien elaborada espero que tengan una pronta gira por latinoamerica y ojala incluyan Colombia. Fuerza y larga vida al metal....! Jan 06
  • Albert said:
    Hey when are you guys gonna come out Leeton way? lol What gear do you guys use? Aug 18
  • natanael said:
    these are more expensive .... cotinue blessing that God .... cadaveis more ..... spoke ... God bless to all that Aug 16
  • ilistendoulisten said:
    im really suprised that my band has more plays than you. :) Jan 12
  • Sarai said:
    mortification is the best band that ever lived. Jan 12


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