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Mortal Wrath

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Genres: Progressive / Metal

Location: Romney, WV

Stats: 2 fans / 41 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Michael Kirby - Guitars, Networking - Chris Grapes- Drums, Recording -Tommy Fields, Vocals -- Donnie Moore -Bass

Welcome to our purevolume account! We would like to start with a thank you for taking your time and checking our band out.We would like to start with a thank you for taking your time and checking our band out. Mortal Wrath was formed in August 2008 by drummer Chris Grapes and guitarist Michael Kirby. Donnie Moore and Mike Berg were then brought in on bass and vocals to complete the lineup. After facing a lineup change we now have Tommy Fields as new vocalist.
Our music comes to you from the forests and mountains of West Virginia in a little town called Romney. Our fascination with sacred geometry, quantum mechanics, and the esoteric create a wide variety of topics for fans to explore. Nature, world history, and politics also stand firm in our musical expression. Classic heavy metal structures fused with progressive arrangements and melodic vocals best describe our style. Virtuoso guitars driven to life by a relentless rythym force add texture and melody to the sound of Mortal Wrath. Banishment of bad vibrations while applying positive frequencies to our music and lives daily. Good vibes and prog!! Thank you very much for listening from all of us, and stay Wrathtastic!



Esoteric Escapade

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Marche, Italy


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