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Morgan Laurence

The 2011 Love So Plain Re-release is up now!


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Hello everyone!

Over the last year my life has gone through quite a few changes which have (unfortunately) hindered the production of new music. While I have been writing and expanding on new ideas, the actual process of recording hasn't taken place. For those of you who have been worried, worry no longer...

I have started production on a new EP release. The upcoming "Sound and Sense EP" will have 6-8 all new songs that represent the experiences that I've had over the last year. I'm super excited for it and I hope that you guys are still excited too!

You'll be hearing from me more often on this page, as well as the Morgan Laurence Facebook page, in the upcoming months!

Much Love,

Morgan Laurence


  • Deja Andrews said:
    Can't wait for Sound and Sense EP to come out! :) Jun 07
  • maybe its mavaline! said:
    fucking amazing, you have a wonderful voice, keep making more music pleaseeeeee May 19
  • SamNazz said:
    check it out! :) http://www.purevolume.com/TheEarlySunrise Apr 19
  • Pamela ;D said:
    I love you[: you're amazing:D Dec 27
  • Olivia said:
    Hey, love your guitar work! www.purevolume.com/PeachyKeeeen Nov 15
  • Kelsey Alana said:
    Your voice is really impressive... I can't even begin to describe how refreshing it is to hear someone sound different. :3 Not to mention your music is incredible. Aug 29
  • Alex Bowman said:
    in love so plain, why does that sound SO much like Demetri Martin? Aug 07
  • ER!KA SHMER!KA said:
    :) Jul 27
  • Whittney Kirchmann said:
    your cuteeee Jul 27
  • Meaghan said:
    for real, get signed and release an album already. Jul 25
  • SmileyAshley said:
    You are too good(: -Ashley Jun 17
  • Thedarkbeforedawn said:
    awh, you're super cute :) May 23
  • Dane Ferguson said:
    A singer songwriter who makes hip hop beats as well? Say WHaaaaa? Come check out my stuff guys. You never know, you may enjoy it! Peace. purevolume.com/daneferguson May 19
  • Madeline Duvall Bawden said:
    can please have ur come on come on song. i saw shane dawson use it on youtube and i want to be able to use it as my introduction song. If you will please just message me on my account! :) btw.. i like to sing too.. May 17
  • Anna Kate!! said:
    I absolutely love your music! Apr 09

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