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Mordecai (Aus)


Genres: Progressive / Hardcore / Death Metal

Location: Australia

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4 tracks

Members: Joel Grieve, Doug Goobanko, Chris Barwise, Kevin Hanna

"Tied to my ivory throne, the flames slither through every bone. Bound to this crimson tower, COLLAPSE.BUT.NEVER.COWER."

On the frontlines of metal, fighting the good fight for hardcore and prog to coexist in anarchy, Mordecai are ready as ever to kick some almighty arse.

A mental 4 piece from Queensland, Mordecai are determined to lay waste to the boundaries of the craft with the release of their EP 'Collapse But Never Cower'. Described as "relentless, chaotic and heavier than Rosie O'Donnell", its only the beginning of what is sure to be a long and epic battle for supremacy in a sea of scene bands and bad haircuts.

With riffs you'll sing, grab and hold onto for dear life while a lad screams poetry at you, then tackles you and your haircut, THIS.IS.MORDECAI.

For bookings, merch, CDs or just feedback - mordecaiaus@hotmail.com




Jul 20, 2009