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  • Boden Port said:
    this shows why concerts are so much freakin legit ahh great video i wanna mosh now Mar 17
  • XxPaperPlayxX said:
    i liiiikkkeee it [: Feb 17
  • zukoten said:
    i loved it great video loved the onstage stuff whn it rly started Jan 31
  • Senspeaks said:
    love this!! Jan 29
  • TheArtistIndustry said:
    this is a reallly well put together video.... Jan 29
  • Olivia said:
    like the vid! Jan 25
  • jm said:
    like a childrens game.. tell me if it feels the same! poetic.. Jan 20
  • Blezz said:
    Nice song! n_n Jan 18
  • levi said:
    hey Jan 11
  • said:
    loved it! :D Jan 05
  • bbysunflower said:
    love it :D Jan 02
  • xHOPEinsufferingx said:
    lovee this songg :] Dec 31
  • a.j.applesauce said:
    this totally makes me look forward to one day, seeing you guys :]] Dec 31
  • Patrick Punisher said:
    this song rocks Dec 27
  • ROCKINDIE21 said:
    THIS IS A GREAT SONG and video Dec 25
  • Daniel said:
    dude with the handlebars in the crowd is a bawsS Dec 23
  • Kiki Kaotic said:
    dallas concert needed more people for sure. Dec 23
  • breannimal said:
    Fuuucccccckkiiinnn awesome! Dec 22
  • debigardner said:
    So nice to see you boys back on the stage! Sorry I couldn't make your Dallas show...but you can bet I won't miss the next one! Love the new music and the video made me even more upset I missed you! Good luck...love you boys!!!! oxoxo MoM from Dallas aka/BandMomma Dec 22
  • Deadman_Living said:
    thats kind of a creepy message precious...hmmm...anyway BA vid!!! Loved your music from the get go of your last cd! Dec 21