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Monkey Jacket


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Progressive

Location: Royal Oak, MI

Stats: 1,022 fans / 194,868 plays / 70 plays today





4 tracks

Members: :: Mick - Vocals/Guitar :: Matias - Bass :: Max - Drums ::

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  • yo, its cj said:
    i am proud to say that i went to school with one of you guys. loveeee yer music. =]] Oct 28
  • Thejundo said:
    ur the best band i've ever heard on purevolume!!!!!!!! Aug 06
  • waster said:
    put hello solo back up pleaseeeee Apr 28
  • BASS_like_WOAH said:
    Love you guys. Aug 10
  • uberking15 said:
    I don\'t know if you knew this, but a band called Small Town Disaster has a dong that is almost word for word and note for note Hello Solo. I don\'t know if you copied them or they copied you, but you should check it out. I assume that they copied you since you\'ve been around longer. Jun 12
  • Crucifiedforever said:
    Digging the new songs, Mick. It\'s definitely good to hear some progress. To be honest with you, I thought you guys sounded better before you had any brass. I thought you guys were awesome when there were only two sax players, you, bass player, and drummer. That\'s what made you guys unique in my head. Most ska bands kind of put the sax in the background and don\'t give them many (if any) good lead roles. You guys, on the other, hand had a very distict sound that emphasized the sax. I know you don\'t have brass or woodwinds right now, but I\'m just telling you my opinion. You guys would sound better if you left the brass out of the picture. Whatever happens, though, I support you guys all the way. Keep up the progress. Apr 26
  • XD JeA... said:
    just can\'t stop listening hello, solo Apr 13
  • [briannarulesthewholeworld] said:
    i love you like a fat kid loves cake Apr 12
  • bangbangbeatty said:
    you guys are amazing. Apr 11
  • cactuspants said:
    Nice Monkey Apr 11
  • JRTISRAD said:
    :D you guys are great Apr 10
  • XD JeA... said:
    just love hello, solo :) Apr 10
  • xilydorkfacex said:
    you guys rock! Apr 10
  • kattee_ska said:
    love it :)) x Apr 09
  • americanwings31 said:
    love your music Apr 08


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