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Monica Dennington

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Genres: Christian / Techno / Rock

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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Members: Gary and Monica Dennington

Before her dramatic entrance onto the national stage as a cutting-edge, Pharisee-kicking, tell-it-like-it-is preacher and internet communications innovator, singer-songwriter Monica Dennington first found her voice on the stages of Kansas City and in the emerging local Christian music scene in the late 1990's. Although already an experienced vocalist, she was first coaxed into the songwriter's spotlight by producer/ manager Gary Dennington, whom she met while recording for the GJP Project in 1998. Her bold fusion of stormy, piano-driven songwriting, raw, dramatic vocals, and powerful, poetic lyrics were met with enthusiasm. After her first two coffeehouse gigs, Dennington was invited to open for Sixpence None The Richer at the legendary New Earth Coffeehouse in early 1999, when their mainstream hit Kiss Me was topping the charts worldwide. With the ensuing, almost-instant local recognition, she continued to perform and write vigorously. Gary and Monica tied the knot in June 1999, and have been making history ever since.

Establishing Tic Toc Ministries as a feeding ministry to the poor out of their apartment kitchen in Branson, MO, Gary and Monica have been on a God-sized, God-led adventure for the past twelve years. From opening the Tic Toc Loft in downtown Springfield, MO; to navigating the early wild west days of Myspace and YouTube, forging a path for Christian broadcasters on the internet; to launching the first major Christian internet broadcasting network to hit the scene -The FWBN - in 2009 - they have continued to impact the world with the power of God's Word. Ever on the cutting edge of new media, they have produced and released over 250 Bible teaching and music videos. With over 5 million video views on over 200 websites, Dennington's music has enjoyed massive distribution, not only from her fan pages, but also from her popular teaching videos in which they are featured.

Writing and recording on the run—sometimes from a loft stage, sometimes from a hotel room—most of Dennington's music to date consists of live recordings and songs recorded in her mobile studio. With a new music release slated for 2012, fans can expect to hear the mix of techno, pop, and heart-probing piano-based songs they've come to love, as well as the previously undisclosed rock tendencies she's been keeping up her sleeve. Fans are also well-advised to take note of her inspired lyrics. As Dennington has been known to say, 'Listen carefully...there are secrets in my songs...'

Whether teaching or producing or writing or performing, Monica Dennington is an artist driven by raw heart. That heart is best summed up in her own words:

'If a prophet is a person of importance, I am not one. However, if a prophet is a person who has seen God, has had a glimpse of his awesome power, has been devastated by His beauty and overwhelmed by His love; who finds themselves trembling in his presence with terrible fear and undiluted desire, and who is compelled by the kiss of the coal on their lips and the fire that is birthed in their bones to speak the words of the One, eternal God - if that is the case, then I understand why a prophet sings.

There are many things I do not know. If a prophet understands matters of state and administration, politics and power, I admittedly know very little of such things, and stand far off from men who do.

But if a prophet is a Bride, captivated by the words of her Maker, then I am that girl. And these songs are the testimony of the one thing I do know. That you cannot glimpse the face of God, and fail to fall in love.'


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Monica Dennington


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  • Gary Cooke, Jr. said:
    How your music & ministry touch my heart...thank you, Monica for allowing God to use you as his good and faithful servant. I have had countless revelations because of TicToc Ministries, and I am just purer than ever now. So from my heart I thank God for you, and I thank you for giving your life to Him that I, too may fully do the same. Aug 17
  • Scirtababa said:
    god bless you Jul 23
  • Survivethenight! said:
    nice, replace pop with techno in your genre description, you'll definitely get more fans cuz your music DOES have a techno feel to it, really good! check out my music :) http://www.purevolume.com/Survivethenight62836 Electronica/Techno/Christian Influenced by Nickasaur!, Owl City, Breathe Carolina, Kill Paradise, hellogoodbye, Breathe Electric, Nevershoutnever! Feb 05
  • Thomas DuBose said:
    I am in the UK, and just making the discovery of this "sister in Christ", I can only confess that the Holy Spirit is making Himself known through her and we pray for more "rain" from God all over the world! Thank You! Jul 21
  • pleasure green said:
    This is awesome..... Jun 29
  • Omar Carter said:

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