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Genres: Rock / Indie

Location: Chicago, IL

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Chicago’s Molehill combines guitar riffs steeped in hard rock and blues; a rhythm section versed in R&B, gospel, and rock coupled with the slightest hint of electro rock to create a sound that has been winning people over across the country. Molehill’s co-founder and frontman Peter Manhart moved the group to Chicago from Champaign in 2006, and they released their debut record Rock & Mole in late 2007. Since 2008 Peter has been joined by Trevor Jones (bass), Devin Staples (drums) and Greg Van Zuiden (keyboards and vocals).

Since 2009 Molehill has toured throughout the Midwest and East Coast and along the way has opened for major label acts such as Bret Michaels, Blind Melon, Royal Bliss, and The Elms. In 2010 Molehill showcased at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA and was featured twice in the Red Eye (Chicago Tribune Pop Publication) along with features in numerous local print and online publications.

Sean Brna from Our Vinyl described Molehill as follows: “Drawing upon this ability to instantly alter their energy level, they use being incredibly in-sync with each other as a way to punctuate each song emotionally as well as musically (Nov, 2010).”

Molehill has a sound that is both classic and modern. With a captivating, energetic, “easy-to-like rock” sound (Matt Pais, Metromix Chicago ) Molehill’s live performances are intense experiences that captivate the listener.

Molehill is currently in general rotation on 88.9 WIIT Chicago

Please see our tour dates and let us know if you want us to come to your town or city!


The Debut Album Available on ITunes

Rock and Mole

1. Big Dreams
2. Let's Not Get Sentimental
3. See You Later
4. Colorado
5. All I am
6. On the Wall
7. People Let You Down
8. Long Road
9. I'm Okay
10. Be My Friend
50. Losing My Mind

Bookings/Contact: molehill@molehillmusic.com

Current Molehill Lineup:

Peter Manhart- Guitar and Lead Vocals
Trevor Jones- Bass
Devin Staples- Drums
Greg Van Zuiden.- Keyboards


  • Nick Kilimanjaro said:
    so dank Mar 29
  • mo!!y said:
    your music puts me in a really good chill mood i like itt(: Feb 16
  • RavenKrush said:
    the song =p Feb 11
  • RavenKrush said:
    colorado is beautiful Feb 11
  • Abby said:
    I really like your music :) Feb 09
  • jay❀ said:
    I like your sound :) Feb 02
  • JaxxAttaxx™ said:
    Sounds Good :] Jan 30
  • Sté said:
    thx for the message. u sound pretty good :] Jan 30
  • Justin Tingey said:
    love this. thanks Dec 15
  • Josh said:
    Wow you guys are actually pretty good. Got a pretty nice blend of sounds going on that seem to harmonize pretty well. Anyways I love your guy's song I'm okay but I bet you hear that a lot. Yea if I made a sound track about my life that one would definatly make the cut. Take care Dec 07
  • J'Adore Flowerbomb said:
    Lovely :D Dec 07
  • Malachi said:
    oh hell yeah this is what im talking about :) You guys do sound like Elliot Smith and the decemberists. I bet you guys sound so sick live Dec 07
  • said:
    this is pretty good:) Dec 05
  • Alicia said:
    you're cool ;) Dec 05
  • JUSTIN said:
    pretty cool guys.. Nov 20

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