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Genres: Pop Punk / Powerpop / Rock

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

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4 tracks

Members: Steve (Vocal), Yohan (Guitar + Vocal), Andrew / Theo (Bass), Marcel (Drums)

The band was founded by some ordinary guys who're sick of being ordinary and being leftovers, so they tried to do something different. The story began when MOD8's 1st vocalist, Tammy, came back from LA and he influenced his schoolmates with his new spiked hair and one Blink album that he bought there. Then, he said ,"Let's start a poppunk band,dude!" So, the band was formed around late 2001, when the members were still in high school and they started playing punk pop rock music since then, especially covering Blink182's songs, and going from stage to stage. As for the band's name MOD8, was coming from Music Of the Day (which later became the band's 1st album and single) and the number 8 just randomly picked. Everybody seems to like this number, anyway. The band's first line up consists of : Toar a.k.a Tammy (Vocal) , Yohan (Guitar) , Marcel (Bass) , Albert a.k.a Bheted (Drums). Steve (Vocal) joined them 6 months later. On June 2003, Tammy went to Vancouver, Canada to study abroad, and Bheted also left around at the same time because he had to concentrate in his college study and later he went to Beijing. The band stopped for a while, because the band couldn't continue without a drummer and Steve weren't ready yet to become a front man. In early 2004, finally the band met their new bassist, Andrew, and Marcel switched his position into drums. They started to create their own songs since then, and after a few demos and EPs, the band finally got a chance to record their full album under Fullblast Music with Didi Priyadi (Happy Day, In Memoriam) as their producer. This was MOD8's 1st album and it was named 'Music Of The Day' and was released in 2006 with 'Dunia Tanpamu' ,'Music Of the Day', 'Song For Anna' and 'I Know' as their singles. The songs in the album sounds like exactly what a punk pop band should be. In The next year, the band released a mini album which contains 5 songs, and they called it "Christmas Is Not So Boring After All". In the year 2009 the band also recorded a few songs for their EP "The Hero of Elm Street" with 'Jealousy' and 'Back To Somewhere' as their singles - released in March 2010. In June 2010, the band recorded some of their best songs : 'Sleep with The Lights On', 'Bringing Me Down', and their ultimate hit 'Stay Away'. MOD8's music style is highly influenced by American Teen - modern rock power pop genre, which is fun and easy to listen but yet it still retain the roots of punk rock. From the day the band was formed,the band never change their members, their visions, their music, and they intend to keep it that way.


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Music Of The Day

Jan 08, 2007


Jakarta, Indonesia


United States

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