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what is the Aion Alchemist skill

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what is the Aion Alchemist skill

Alchemist skill is an aion skill,i will teach you how to learn this good skill today.and how to use Alchemist skill to craft items.

Learn Your New Skill

how to learn the new Alchemist skill?first you need donate 3500m aion kinah to Diana (in Sanctum) or Honir (in Pandaemonium) .the price is not fixed sometimes.the price depends influence ratio. if you already give the kinah,you can see the Alchemy bar in your Skills window.once your Alchemist experience is full,you can use one experience .

Alchemists can craft aion items in game.Alchemists can craft your own potions,so you don't need pay high kinah to buy potions from other people.your character reaches level 10 and ascends to either Pandaemonium or Sanctum,you will see the craft shop. it require angelica when you begin craft.

now,use Alchemists to craft your first aion item now.

The Alchemy Master give you two items now .Lesser Elemental Stone Powder and Lesser Elemental Water , the master also give you "Lamplight Supply" work.when you get the Expertise Points.you will get Diana and Honir offer work orders,this is more hard but you get more reward.


Posted Jun 01, 2014 at 3:05am