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Miranda Dodson



Genres: Folk / Alternative / Acoustic

Location: Austin, TX

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Miranda Dodson's magnetic, penetratingly vulnerable voice is undeniable. Her folk songs carry a straight forward depth, and her songwriting will bring us many more decades of strong and heartfelt music.

With Producer Robert Harrison (Future Clouds and Radar & Cotton Mather) at the helm, Miranda is set to release her debut album in January 2010. The album will contain a blend of alternative folk & pop. A treat for Austinintes and music lovers alike, Miranda's debut album will assuredly turn heads.

"I have just heard Miranda Dodson's unreleased CD 'Change A Thing'...wow! Produced by Robert Harrison (Futrue Clouds)...she has a show at Stubb's June 11th. WHERE DID SHE COME FROM??!
We just had Miranda stop by for an interview...what a sweetheart, and what an amazing talent. Anyone who writes about music likes to feel like they've discovered someone special. Well, I guess we can't claim to have discovered her, but she's certainly someone special and deserves considerably more attention than she's received on the Austin music scene so far."
>> KUT Texas Music Matters

"Miranda Dodson is a breath of fresh Texas air. Not in terms of what most might think when you think "Texas", but fresh air like what those of us born here thank our lucky stars for every time we return - Pure and clean with all the aromas of natural surroundings yet unspoiled. That's Miranda's voice. Her ideas and her song-writing are equally captivating - honest, straight forward and intelligently down to earth. Miranda is the real thing. She shows a true pioneering spirit in her vocal gift and her song-writing craft that will keep her career shooting upward for a long time to come."
>> Laura Mordecai | BBA/Management & Booking

"Miranda voice is directed by her heart and it soars without bounds. And it's not just her voice. Like any talented songwriter, Miranda's songs reflect who she is with sincerity and spirit."
>> Joshua Zarbo | Bassist (MONAHANS, Spoon, John Vanderslice)

"Often compared to Mindy Smith and Patty Griffin, Miranda is an up and coming artist who is not only naturally and undeniably talented but she is also dedicated to the craft of songwriting. We were thrilled to include Miranda Dodson's new single "Too Late" on Music For The City Vol 1."
>> Nate Navarro | Music For The City

"Miranda's an awesome talent; very proud to tell others about her!"
>> David Brown | 90.5 KUT Austin

"Her voice will move you!"
>> Roxanne Wilson | 105.9 The River Austin

"Lovely Songs"
>> Robin Hilton | NPR All Songs Considered

"Miranda has a voice like an angel.
>> HM Magazine



Change A Thing

Jun 15, 2010

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