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Miley Cyrus


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  • alex wilson said:
    she is awsome Sep 29
  • eira swaagy said:
    i dont like her behavior!!! fuck!!! i just like her songs!! awesome!! Dec 18
  • Emmie Kiah said:
    Kurt Cobain was NOT a fan of the mainstream music industry--the very background you come from as a tween pop star manufactured by Disney. Your covering Smells Like Teen Spirit in concert is like taking a piss on Kurt Cobain's grave. Jun 28
  • KayluhDavis ∆ said:
    I get that everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but don't judge a person that you don't know personally. She's just like us. Except, she's on tv. You can't say that you've never made a mistake. She's a teenager, she's going to do stupid things, just like all of us. I've done my share of stupid things, and I'm sure all of you have aswell. If she wants to stop being Hannah Montana, that's her decision. I'm sure is you were her, you wouldn't want to be Hannah Montana for the rest of your life. And, I bet she has thought of all the fans, but in the end, if she wants to move on with her life, she's going to do it weather her fans like it or not. I'm not a fan of hers, but, I am on her side. I model, I know what it's like to have people watching you. There's alot of preasure. So, until you know what it's like, don't say anything. May 24
  • Shieralyn Castillo said:
    i love miley!! Nov 19
  • *Savannah* said:
    i dont like miley cyrus and i dont like some things shes done but rly lay off. imagine if u were her. Oct 29
  • hamzah miver said:
    miley ur awesome Oct 25
  • Inkedbaby said:
    Well said Oct 15
  • Marina The Owl said:
    guys. quit dissing her. she's growing up. she's not a little kid anymore. get over it. Oct 04
  • ~izabel cabreraZzZ~ said:
    u no wat miley ahnnah wat ever u need to think of the children tht used to like u and now think u are the worst person ever and i used to be 1 of those who likED u but now i hate u.... GROW to be your OWN age and u cnt say u dnt have a choice bcuz u do its ur life so plz think of the children and make them ur fans again Aug 02
  • rachel said:
    you didn't uesed to act this way, there are children out there watching you eevry where. there watching your concerts and your videos. everythng, th way act aint right and if you are sctong this way,you shouldnt be in show biz. you act like a pole dancer, you ahould quit your job and go for the loser compettion and you would win 1st place! Jul 27
  • rachel said:
    your 17 years old you need to start acting your age and not like a loser. thats the truth Jul 27
  • Kerikarizma(: said:
    I'm not a fan, and i don't really like some stuff she's done, but i don't talk about it. I think some of her songs are really great and i like them. Haha, and i like the show too. Jul 27
  • sunnykhan said:
    luv u miley as a biggest fan of u Jul 22
  • punk 637 said:
    miley i really think it is cool that you are doing what you want to do and really not caring what other people think about you it is your life and people should just stay out of it your like any other person but a lot know you i think it is cool what your doing and keep it up. Jun 07

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