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Mikel Knight


Genres: Hip Hop / Rap

Location: San Antonio, TX

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Mikel Knight is a twenty-six year old rap and urban artist originally from Houston, Texas. His career started at age fifteen performing at local South Texas clubs and writing music. Throughout his teens and in to his twenties, Mikel slowly climbed to the top of the heap in the South Texas hip hop scene. 11 years of recording experience in the studio allowed him to create a fresh new sound that combined strong elements of pop and southern street rap. In 1995 Mikel was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he used the time away to write and formulate what was soon to be his 1st album. After a reversal of evidence in 1996, he was released and landed an artist development deal under the name A-GEE with Sonar Records and released his first album "Suthern Comfort-Life of A-GEE". The album quickly became a regional favorite among PDs at several urban stations, and put Mikel on the map. Not content to sit back and wait for the world to notice, Mikel Knight went back in the studio with producer Matt "Mack Damon" Gallegos and Quinton "Black" Banks III of Too Short/Jive records in 1999 to create his sophomore album "Strugglin 2 Hustlin". With his second album, Mikel continued to promote his budding talent to the Texas hip hop industry and beyond. Mikel became the focal point of several articles in national magazines Billboard, Blaze, Murder Dog and the Source. In addition to producing for Mikel, the duo continued to co-produce traxx for other artists and expand their sound to other markets. The unmistakable commercial edge they gave underground street music, with melodic hooks and slick production, transformed much of the Texas/southern rap scene and forced others to follow suit. But soon, another run in with the streets caused Mikel to be fighting for his freedom once again while trying to promote his second effort. Less than a week after the album was released, disaster struck again. Mikel was arrested and jailed for assault when a brawl broke out in a Texas nightclub where he was promoting his single for the album. Mikel's legal team was able to negotiate a deal, and he was released again. He began a coliseum and radio tour to support his new album. Some of these past and future performances have included shows with: Eminem, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Dru Hill, Next, Juvenile, Hot Boyz, Trick Daddy, Trina, Genuine, South Park Mexican, Kid Frost, ESG, Lil' Troy, Big Pokey, the Screwed up Click, C-note and the Botany Boys and Knight Owl. Realizing that it was time to branch out beyond the regional rap scene of Texas, Knight sent out feelers to several major and indie/ major labels. After starting up his own independent label, 1203 Entertainment, Mikel was soon taking calls from A&R reps and executives from big industry dealmakers from BMG, Arista, Blackground, The Firm, Def Jam South, the Edmonds Group and more. While he was still developing his label, Mikel began work on his next project.... the Mikel Knight album. Now assuming the new name, Mikel headed to Oakland, California to work with Bay area hit maker Steve D. and San Diego slugger DJ Fingaz(E-40, Richie Rich, D-Shot, Celly Cel, and B-Legit). To diversify his sound, Mikel also enlisted the production from Platinum hitmaker Happy Perez (Master P, Fat Joe, Capone n Noreaga, Ashanti and Murder Inc. and dozens of Texas rap stars). Determined to forge a new sound and direction in hip hop, Mikel went to L.A. to record with Platinum and Grammy award winning producer Bobby Jones of Bone Thugs and Harmony and Mo-Thugs fame. The first song written by the two became Mikel's hit single "Peckawood" which instantly caught the ear of the industry and started causing controversy wherever it was heard! While managing his career and running his independent label, Mikel managed to secure another deal. After signing a distribution deal for his solo projects with American Music Co., Knight permanently relocated to L.A. to record with the industry's elite. The Hardest Wood Outha Forest was completed in the Summer of 2001 and set for release that fall. Mikel and his group the Game Officials (made up of several childhood friends) set out to promote the breakaway hit "Peckawood". Mikel and his crew shot the video for "Peckawood", and success was just beyond the horizon, but the album and its single were tied up in court less than three weeks after the release when Knight was forced to part with AMC due to a breach of contract. Taking the reigns, Knight set off on his own to continue the buzz "Peckawood" started, releasing the video which subsequently played on BET and MTV2. With a rapid fire lyrical flow and slick hook, the "Peckawood" video was soon causing Miekl's phone to ring off the hook again. Still, not ready to begin negotiating yet, he decided to do one more push before taking meetings. Spring Break 2002 Mikel and the Game Official crew flew to Florida, loaded up the SUV and placed Peckawood videos and cd's in the hands of thousands of fans in Panama city and Daytona. Pirate radio and video shows put the video in rotation immediately. Recording in his Texas studio just weeks later, Mikel got a call and was flown back to L.A to sign a production/ radio promotion deal with Gary Marella of Universal/Motown and Rick Sackheim of Arista records. Continuously working and promoting his music, Mikel toured the Southern US briefly in the Winter of 2002. Mikel brought down the house night after night as the only white act on the all Latin Texacali tour. Just when momentum was peaking, another breach of contract resulted in the separating from a label once more..... but If you think that Mikel has stopped since then... your wrong! Returning to Los Angeles, Knight has since been recording two albums at the same time. The new and highly anticipated Mikel Knight album and the 1st album for his group Game Officials. All the while Mikel has continued to record for others, appearing on albums across the U.S, produce and write lyrics for artists, as well as making publishing and film advances. In Fall of 2003, Mikel allowed a documentary crew to capture the sessions and lifestyle that will become the "Memoirs of a Texas Boi" record. The all-star cast of guests on the record offer a glimpse of the rap game from the inside, including Bun B of UGK, Baby Bash, Happy Perez, Rasheed, Paul Wall, Russell Lee, and a host of other talented friends. The footage will appear in "Huntsville to Hollywood", a special edition DVD to be released Spring 2004. Your favorite Bad Guy is also exploring a development deal with several TV networks to realize the commercial potential of his story as it unfolds. What makes Mikel Knight so different from other rappers/writers and producers? Innovation, Talent, Confidence, Ability and Progressive Maturity. Mikel has a knack for creating the perfect combination of production, lyrical performance and stamina it takes to succeed. With a tight flow and melodic delivery, it is no surprise that the "Mikel Knight Sound" is starting to appear in other markets. Whether its a hard knockin' Southern club track causing controversy or a smooth "playa, playa" anthem, a vivid storytelling ability that documents the struggles of one of the world's talented rappers remains at the core of Mikel's delivery. For a long while, Mikel Knight was a Texas rapper making albums and singles on a regional level. With the hard work, and recognition from his first two records and the hype leading up to his 3rd, Mikel was able to leap to the national scene with the release of "Peckawood". Now free from any label attachments and free to record fresh new material Mikel has set out to tackle European and Asian markets and reinvent himself for his next Major Label debut which will undoubtedly come soon! "The national audience is ready for me to come out with a shocker" says Knight " "If you haven't heard me, you've heard OF me". "Its destined for me! So don't be surprised if you're in the club one night and you hear the bad guy, cuz I'm comin back again! The Peckawood ain't done by a longshot!"




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