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Mike Deathray

Album 2012. Maybe...


Genres: Comedy / Alternative / Rock

Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Stats: 0 fans / 328 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mike - Vox, guitar, drum loops, action figures, stomp boxes, booze induced rants.

'Sci-fi related noise for complete idiots' was the sales slogan and Mikes Hyper Sonic Mega Death Ray was the 'band'. Combining an alto ego, a love of Science Fiction, metal and stupidity. MHSMD formed in January 2005. The idea was to create one of the heaviest sounds ever and rant about subjects nobody cared about.

The 'Bring Questions' EP followed in May that year. Produced in a shoe box size bedroom using a bass, some Star Trek action figures, MP3 drum loops, a death metal effects pedal and a VHS player to cut soundclips. The noise was then compiled on a laptop using free sofware. The results revealed exactly why such production software was free. Sales climbed to a staggering 21 with Mike charging nothing for a copy of the action.

An opening slot at the Dry Bar in Manchester on October 15th 2005 was the beginning and the end of MHSMD. Far exceeding any expectations, a crowd of approximately 53.4 witnessed 'Bring Questions' live.

Mike himself continued with the 4 string with a few different bands before Mike Deathray began to take shape. With a selection of stomp boxes, a bass guitar, a loop station and a multi-effects unit, Mike Deathray stood up. Deciding to go for something 'one man' once again and taking inspiration from a variety of bands, characters and life experiences,

Keeping part of the MHSMD name to preserve a degree of insanity, Mike Deathray sings, talks, rants about life and what is thrown at us.

What others have said:

Born in north Manchester in 1925, young Deathray was a musical prodigy and had already learned where F# was on the fretboard of a bass guitar by 2002. Sadly, he forgot five minutes later. Heavily influenced by the sound of Japanese turbochargers, science fiction and Fall records he has never heard. I implore you to savour this rare gem of a song from a tragic, lost genius who is now a bile-filled, alcoholic, washed-up tramp who sleeps in a gig-bag on the filthy streets of London village. - Red_Riviera

To experience Mike Deathray is to experience the rebirth of your mind - Barry Keane

This is pretty masterfully put together as far as I can tell, it sounds really immense in headphones, and a vibe throughout, the basslines, the creepy vocals, the ominous basslines the guitars used to great effect (like the less is more thing) and a great arrangement / use of instruments etc. As you might expect with a title like that, soundtrack to a nervous breakdown or something, excellently done. - Sean C. S.