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Added Jun 04, 2009

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Video for "Kids" from MGMT's album "Oracular Spectacular"


Comments (17)

  • Remembering_Jessica said:
    that poooooor little kidd!! D: Aug 17
  • n0q0 said:
    thats not Cool ! i feel so sorry for that kid :( Jun 23
  • Felix said:
    Oh no Mike! Nightmares! Protect that kid from nightmares! You're a dumbass. The kid will be fine. Jun 20
  • Mike said:
    Looks like the 70's days of bands taking acid are back... and child services should take this kid away from his parents for agreeing to subject him to this... he could have nightmares over this sh*t! Jun 13
  • jacobo said:
    this video sucks just like the other ones from mgmt ... i like their music but not their videos (nietzche said the quote, not mark twain) Jun 08
  • KiLL~KEViN said:
    that was not cool. poor kid. :/ Jun 08
  • Middle-Aged Snow Day said:
    omg this video will give me nightmares Lol LOVE MGMT! Jun 08
  • Ambie! [Says Hi!] said:
    That was the cutest kid ever, in the weirdest video ever, but in all it was amazing!!!!lol Jun 07
  • The Stars In Your Eyes said:
    you know your a good parent when O.o Jun 07
  • believemevergie. said:
    i hope the kid isn't traumatized from being in this video D: but i loved it though :T Jun 06
  • Jen said:
    i feel so sorry for that kid :( Jun 06
  • James said:
    doesnt it look like the illustrator from Superjail did the cartoon segment? Jun 05
  • Majo said:
    Wrong philosopher I believe Friedrich Nietzsche said those quotes O_o Jun 04
  • Brian Sadler said:
    No monsters were harmed in the making of this video..just me. This is Great to see MGMT on PureVolume... You guys rock! LOL! Jun 04
  • ibleedforyou192 said:
    i wonder how many drug-induced nightmares you must have before making music videos like this... Jun 04

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