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Fifty Shades of Grey has offered over 30 zillion copies since its launch, but the story is raising red flags in the BDSM community. Based on those who exercise the lifestyle, fiftyshadespdf.com fails to accurately show what a BDSM relationship is truly like. Those who practice bondage, sadism, masochism, and other fetishes, are anxious that E.L. James' erotic novels offer the wrong impression about their alternative sex lifestyles.

Relationship psychologist and sex advice columnist, Susan Quilliam, says that the romance that occurs in the Fifty Shades trilogy is a primary contradiction of how BDSM relationships work. She continued to state that Christian Grey's childhood trauma that contributes to his dominating methods is unrealistic, and that the method by which the characters take advantage of each other is not safe or healthy. Quilliam added that she is worried that people will try BDSM for the first time after reading the Fifty Shades books, and that the imaginary books are not a suitable guide for beginning such a life-style.

Fetish teacher and sex Coach University BDSM, Emily Piora, weighed in the Fifty Shades craze. Piora thinks that there's nothing wrong with reading Fifty Shades of Gray when getting it as a fictional romance story, but being a way to start using BDSM in the bedroom when using the books caution should be used by couples. She went on to say that Fifty Shades makes it look as if people who practice dominance and submitting are damaged, which is simply not true in a real - world setting.

Luckily, not everyone is getting their info exclusively from James' novels. Qualified sex educator, Robert Dunlap, states that because the Fifty Shades trilogy exploded onto the posting scene, he has received an overwhelming level of demands from partners that want additional information, or coaching, on the topic of BDSM. According to Dunlap, the publications have created the once - taboo subject more conventional, making more and more people comfortable discovering the life-style.

Dunlap interviewed hundreds of people who practice various fetishes for Beyond Vanilla, a movie that he developed in 2001. He says that there was much more dialogue that happens behind closed doors than what is pictured in Fifty Shades of Grey; both individuals should be experiencing the second equally. He added that safety is a large problem in the community, and that every thing is arranged beforehand.

Having an contract is something that E.L. James got right in her steamy show, as Christian makes Ana sign an agreement before they begin their sex exploits. Some argue that the books are benign, and have allowed the chance to couples to explore BDSM without feeling as if they are performing something embarrassing.

The publications continue to be belittled by the community that techniques the lifestyle, while the Fifty Shades trilogy has certainly brought BDSM to the mainstream. The common consensus is that those who are interested in attempting the items that they read about in Fifty Shades of Grey PDF should do a bit more investigation to make sure that they are being moral and secure before carrying on having a Christian or Ana of their own.

Posted Oct 03, 2012 at 3:08pm