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Joining Merchant Navy

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Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying over 90% by volume and 80% by valuation on the world trade. Without shipping, the import and export of merchandise on the scale essential for the modern world would not be possible. You'll find over 50,000 merchant navy ships trading internationally, transporting most forms of cargo. India is a large manpower supplier towards the international merchant navy industry especially in the officers segment and is reputed for providing highly qualified and well trained personnel to work on foreign owned merchant ships.

Expert opinion and statistical forecast points too Indian Officers will in demand in the foreseeable future. Merchant Navy is really a rewarding career, both financially and professionally. The type of a job sailing presents unmatched demands and challenges, providing a satisfying career choice. Self reliance and resourcefulness can become a part of your personality. You'll be required to employ both your theoretical knowledge and practical skills to satisfy the challenges of the sea. Life cruising can be tough. The work is strenuous and demanding. The benefits however, add a satisfaction as an officer, taking care of a globalized platform, to become a world traveler, a very handsome salary and a sense of belongingness to one of the finest global professions and truly international perspective.

joining the merchant navy


Posted Sep 02, 2015 at 5:52am